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DISCUSS: ‘A Court of Wings and Ruin’ by Sarah J. Maas (SPOILERS!)

Join us in our discussion of ‘A Court of Wings and Ruin’. Caution: SPOILERS AHEAD!

The following article and comments contain MAJOR SPOILERS from Sarah J. Maas’s A Court of Wings and Ruin, including the ending of the story and fates of major characters.


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The series has come to an end that on first glance, seems satisfactory, but with a lot of loose ends under the surface.

The king of Hybern is defeated by the raging Archeron sisters; we see the true might of the healers of Prythian (those wings right?!). Tamlin isn’t quite the tool we thought he was… and Jurian surprises everyone. Feyre is our main character, our beautiful High Lady – but there are many stories intertwined with hers that make us fall in love even more. Mor, Helion, Lucien, Tarquin… I could go on and on naming characters I want to see with a happy ending. But, thankfully, we know Prythian (and the human lands) is safe at last.

So what do you think? A lot happened in A Court of Wings and Ruin. The more I think about it, the more things I want to talk about. From everything to the Suriel to what will come of the fae-human treaty, I want answers, and I want your thoughts!

Not sure where to start? Here are some discussion points that you can address if you’d like:

  • Overall reaction on the conclusion to the series.
  • Thoughts on Lucien’s heritage – will he become the Day Court heir?
  • Feelings about the death of the Suriel.
  • Thoughts on Amren’s incredible sacrifice.
  • Thoughts on Lucien and Elain/Cassian and Nesta.
  • Feelings on Mor’s secret.
  • Feelings during the final battle scene – and the surprise aid that came to the rescue.
  • Which character surprised you the most? (I’d say Feyre’s father, Tamlin, and Jurian are up there).
  • Where do you think the spin-off series will take us?

In order for this to work, you have to share your thoughts below! Let’s create a nice space where everyone can come together and discuss A Court of Wings and Ruin, the incredible conclusion to an all-round beautiful trilogy.

Eleanor Maher

Eleanor Maher Book Reviewer

Eleanor is an undergraduate student studying English Literature at university in England. She aspires to be an author, and currently spends most of her time reading.

  • There’s so much about this book that I want to talk about – but I think one main thing that’s on my mind is Lucien’s heritage reveal! The fact that he is the son of Helion changes EVERYTHING. Will this be revealed to either party? Will we see that in the next series? Will Lucien become the Day Court heir? I don’t know but I really want to. I hope he does – I think both characters would have much better lives if they realised what their relation to each other was. What do you think?

  • Nikki A.

    Ok, am I the only one who thinks Amren is a fallen angel (an important seraphim, even possibly an angel of death), whose twin cities she destroyed refer to Sodom and Gomorrah? It would explain her appearance when she finally is unbound, and why when she refers to her “Father”, his name is written with a capital F. She specifically said she had to “fall” to be freed from the prison. Anyone else come to this deduction? If she is the Angel of Death, the lamb’s blood preference, the lamb’s blood over the doorways, during her hunt, fit it as well.
    And after the visit to the Bone Carver, is anyone already getting the feeling that Cassian already feels Nesta is his mate?? So many things make me think he knows, but he also knows, that like her sister, she can’t just be told who her mate is. Nesta will have to realize it and accept it on her own for it to happen.
    I can’t wait for one of the books to be about them! I’m hoping each book will deal with a different couple or character’s story, and weave them all together in the end.

    • I’d never actually thought that about Amren, but that’s a really interesting idea! But how would you fit in the idea that she never felt love or friendship whilst in her original form? Or does that work because of the whole Angel of Death thing? I love the reference to lamb’s blood as well…you’ve picked up on so much more than I did!
      I definitely think Cassian knows Nesta is his mate – and I think she subconsciously knows as well, from her reactions of him getting hurt over and over again; the way she stops and looks at him sometimes. I think there’s 100% something going on there (perhaps Nesta has been too worried about Elain to want to do anything about it/admit it to herself yet?) I hope Sarah makes it all clear!

      • Nikki A.

        From my readings, historically, the seraphim and Angels of Death do not experience emotions, since the emotions might hinder their duties. To do so would also make it possible for them to fall. Amren says she was a messenger and soldier-assassin, which would also fit those two possible options. To do those duties, remorse, love, guilt, friendship, or fear could possibly cause them to question or not fulfill their duties.
        I agree about Cassian and Nesta, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
        I’m also left wondering about Elain, Lucien, and Azriel. Was I the only one who felt like there might be something between her and Az? After Rhys explained in detail about the possibility of a female rejecting the bond, I started to look more closely at those three. In theory, she could pick someone else.

        • That makes so much sense! What have you read? It sounds so interesting. I love the theory – I wonder if we’ll hear more about it in the next series…
          No you definitely weren’t! The comment/discussion from Tessa involves it too – it’s something I’d quite like to see, Elain rejecting the bond with Lucien and going for Az instead (especially now we know he and Mor will never work out). Even though I do have a soft spot for Lucien 🙁

  • Yes we absolutely can! It was an incredible scene, and I honestly thought Sarah J. Maas wrote it really well – with Feyre being 100% supportive (as she should be). There was no pressure on Mor to reveal herself to the rest of their friends, and it was clearly a tough thing to admit for her situation. And I thought of the Azriel/Elain relationship too. I think she may be falling for him a little already (although I sense she’s aware of the bond between her an Lucien, after that scene when she nearly comes down to see him but stops herself). I think it would be wonderful if that was where their relationship went – it would be interesting to see a mating bond be rejected, and would add more layers to the story overall. The Truth-Teller scene was beautiful.
    I hadn’t thought of Lucien/Vassa, although that would be an interesting one too…perhaps the beginning of the intertwining of the human and fae peoples? Especially now the wall has come down.

  • seira

    I personally hated what she did with Mor. I don’t relate to LGBT characters a bit, and for SJM to make her Bi somehow made me like Mor less. I just can’t relate to her anymore. Not to mention it was so unexpected. And four Queer relationships??? It sort of seemed a bit forced. I know that people will call me homophobic for this but I only relate to straight characters.

    • I quite like how unexpected it was – it brought so many questions together! And you’re completely entitled to your opinion. For me, I like that there are so many LGBTQ+ relationships as I find it is more representative of our world.

      • seira

        To each their own.

  • Meribella De Luna

    Ok, I finished the final installment minutes ago, after jumping on the bandwagon last week. Is it ok that I am in LITERAL tears right now? I of course loved it, even though A Court of Mist And Fury remains to be my favourite. Even with a happy ending I still remain sad, this is exactly how I reacted when I finished the Vampire Academy series (a really good series, just gotta endure the first book), for some reason I think it might be the fact that they are so perfect, for each other, for the world, for the audience. I feel that nothing that good may ever happen to me, or even just the fact they are so pure, even with the blood of those they have killed crusting their leathers. It’s kind of like Twilight, perfect couple, even through trials, tribulations and endurance. Sitting here writing reviews and listening to depressing music isn’t probably the best option for someone that has 2 assessment papers due tomorrow but I CANNOT get them out of my head. I refuse to let go.

    • Of course that’s okay – I was! I cried on so many separate occasions throughout the book… I agree, ACOMAF still remains my favourite but I cannot get over how wonderful this book is, I want to read it again and again and again. I know what you mean about still being sad – I’m sad it’s over, I want this series to go on and on, I want to read about all of them because they’re such wonderful characters and their stories are so beautiful and I want to know every minute detail about them!

  • Meribella De Luna

    Ok just while I’m here, I just wanted address, has anyone notice how alike the song Firestone is to Feysand?

    I’m a flame= Autumn court

    You’re a fire

    I’m the dark in need of light= You know what scenes and Lord of Darkness

    When we touch

    You inspire

    Feel the change in me tonight= mating bonds snaps into place

    So take me up
    Take me higher= Illryrian wings and flying

    There’s a war not far from here= easy peasy

    We can dance

    In desire

    Or we can burn in love tonight= ummmm duh

    My heart’s alive= Fey’s mortal heart


    When they strike= Armys, words, love

    We feel the love

    Sparks will fly= a multitude of pages

    They ignite our bones

    When they strike

    We light up the world!= Fey GLOWS

    I’m from X, you´re from Y= top and bottom, prythian, night court

    Perfect strangers in the night= night court and bond

    Here we are, come together

    To the world we´ll testify= self explanatory and ACOWAR

    *tears roll down cheeks while listens to skinny love*

  • Sarah Lai

    i like how plot twist this book is the moment the plot twist shows i become like me i think i liked the second book best..this is also the best series ive read in a while and i think this series deserve awards like no other.