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BOOK REVIEW: The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey (SPOILER FREE)

This review originally appeared on The 5th Wave Network.

This review originally appeared on The 5th Wave Network.

Suspense.  If I had to boil it down to one word that’s what it’d be.

And it makes for a very good read.  Like the first book, you feel a lot like the characters in the story.  You can’t stay still.  You get antsy if you do.  So you keep reading and reading and reading and reading and (oh–hey it’s five in the morning, time for school!) and reading. And then some more reading.  You read it when you’re supposed to be eating.

You dream it. Nightmares.

When you hear ‘Shark Tank’ you imagine a tank full of confused farm boys.

such alien. much teddy bear. so sequel. wow.

You get the point.  This book grabs your attention.  It’s a lot like the first one in that regard.

But while I loved the fast pace of the story, I think what I’ve come to love even more are the characters.  The Infinite Sea expands on the motivations and desires of the characters.  We better understand why certain characters act the way they do–and sometimes those revelations are surprising, adding more twists and turns to the story.  It’s especially interesting to see the new roles that certain characters take upon themselves.

Speaking of characters… I liked the new ones.  I liked them a lot.  And that’s all I’ll say about that.

Complaints? Too short. (I’m being serious.  It’s a lot shorter than the first book.)

I can’t really express my other thoughts without giving too much away, so I’ll come to a close here.  In the end, this is a fantastic book.  If you’re a fan of the first one, you’ll definitely love this one.  Rick Yancey doesn’t let up on that sarcastic yet suspenseful storytelling.  He’s a master at not only manipulating his characters, but also manipulating the reader.  You’ll be drawn in, you’ll be torn up, you’ll have hope, and then you’ll have some soggy pants.

The Infinite Sea enforces the notion that Rick Yancey’s books belong on a very special shelf in your bookcase.


Saul Marquez

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