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FIRST LOOK! Maika Monroe as Ringer!



We all know the lovely and talented Maika Monroe is our seemingly fearless, chess playing “Ringer” but we haven’t actually seen any proper photos of her on-set. Well folks the moment has come at last!

The talented actress was a blonde before obtaining the role of “Ringer” in “The Fifth Wave” film. But the blonde beauty couldn’t keep her blonde locks. Maika dyed her hair black for this role! She even got the famous Ringer bangs. Maika then posted a picture to her Instagram a week ago with the caption “First look at Ringer” and then tagged the Fifth Wave Movie account.


In the photo, Maika wears the uniform for squads who have graduated training.  This is a better upgrade from the boring blue jumpsuits described in the book.

I’ll let you judge for yourselves whether or not she TOTALLY rocks Ringer but in my books, she looks AWESOME!

The 5th Wave film is in cinemas 29th of January 2016! Personally I don’t think I can wait that long!



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  • Chase

    Excuse me, but Ringer is three quarters Asian. What kind of whitewashed bullshit is this?

  • Bridgette the Assassin

    Last I checked Ringer was Asian, not some Hot Topic Jessica Simpson. WTF casting people? #fail

  • Megory

    Nice whitewashing Hollywood!

  • JD

    So how does 3/4 Asian 1/4 apache (which was probably sarcasm when said) translate to blonde hair, blue eyed actress with contacts and too much mascara?

    or is it because her name is close to Marika?

    Just curious

    I don’t get it. I thought Hollywood was going against white washing characters, even forcing non-white characters into white character roles.

    So how did this get past quality control?

    Someone call the ACLU