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DISCUSS: ‘King’s Cage’ by Victoria Aveyard! (SPOILERS!)

Welcome to our fan discussion of ‘King’s Cage’ by Victoria Aveyard. Caution: spoilers ahead!

The following article and comments contain MAJOR SPOILERS of Victoria Aveyard’s King’s Cage, including important plot points and character developments.


Talk about a roller coaster of emotions. Victoria Aveyard wasn’t holding anything back in the third Red Queen novel, King’s Cage. It would seem that the title had multiple meanings, referring to Mare’s captivity as well as the mental captivity Maven faces in his mind.

All of that without mentioning that insane twist! The King’s Cage ending was climactic and definitely a shocker. It has us eagerly waiting for the final Red Queen novel. (Which you can learn more about here).

So what do you think? Everyone’s bound to have a lot of thoughts about King’s Cage. Now’s the time to enter the discussion.

Leave your thoughts and feelings in the comment section to engage with other fans!

Not sure where to start? Here are some discussion points that you can address if you’d like:

  • The terrible and tragic relationship between Mare and Maven.
  • Thoughts on Mare and Cal.
  • Cal’s decision to kill Maven — will he succeed?
  • Do you think Maven can be redeemed?
  • What do you think about Cameron?
  • Elara’s continued presence.
  • How do you feel about the unveiling of Piedmont and Montfort in this book?
  • Do you trust Premier Dane Davidson?
  • Evangeline has been placed in a very interesting position, what do you think about her future in the series?
  • What was your favorite quote from King’s Cage?
  • What do you think will happen in Red Queen Book 4?

In order for this to work, you have to share your thoughts below! Let’s create a space where Red Queen fans can come together and discuss King’s Cage!

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  • Severus Snape

    Just finished this one, I honestly don’t know about Mare and Maven after this. It’s hard to see them together at all after seeing how messed up Maven is now. Not sure how I feel about Cal though.

    • kallie

      Nooooooooooooo!!!! Ugh. Im still holding out for Maven but I think you’re right. That kiss was tragic and sort of creepy. My poor Maven. 🙁

  • Sonja W

    Favorite quote: “You’re not alone…You have your crown.”
    I thought that was just really powerful. When it was first mentioned that Cal could be king again, I was really hoping Mare would be his Red Queen. But this definitely creates an obstacle. I really hope Mare and Cal work it out to get their happy ending. With so many deaths, I feel like someone’s got to.


    OMG does anyone know when the 4th book is coming out, or at least the movie???

  • Hermione Granger


  • TristynStanford0460

    I, personally, think Victoria should allow Mare to see the good in Maven and understand where he is coming from. On the other hand, I hope Victoria rips his throat out into tiny little shreds of skin! I have been rooting for Maven from the beginning and always will be. I just think that Maven is scared to open up to Mare after what happened with his mother and all the pain he had/has been through. After all, “Monsters are most dangerous when they’re afraid”.

    Cal. My man. I believe Cal is just acting like a prissy little prince that just wants his crown back. Nonetheless, i hope he gets his crown and Maven backs down, because the crown was not something Maven wanted. It’s what his mother wanted for him. And Maven is NOT his mother.
    When Mare left Cal, I was utterly surprised and proud of her (even though my heart was breaking into a thousand pieces). I think she chose the right thing to walk away from him. She doesn’t want the crown. He does.

    in the middle of the book, well, more to the end, Cal said that he was trying to fin a whisper to fix Maven. I think, when blood turns on blood again, that Cal is not going to kill Maven. He just cant. No matter how hard he tries to forget him or hate him, he just cant.

    Cameron is a mysterious creature to me. I want to know more about her and her brother’s relationship and how she is coping with him and the life as a Newblood. I just felt that we really didn’t see much of that.

    Elara can just burn in hell where she belongs and finally leave our little, innocent, sweet Maven alone for once!!!!

    I’,m excited to see what the unveiling of Montfort and Piedmont have in store for us.

    I do not, and never will, trust Premier Dane Davidson. There is just something about this man coming in and changing things. I don’t like it and think that it is extremely sketchy.

    I think it is great that she included some area of the LGBT+ community in her book. Evangeline deserves a happily ever after and she had that with Elane until it was ripped away by former Queen Anabell…..


    Thank you very much for reading this. Even if you’ve gotten this far I applaud you. Please reply and reach out to me in any way that you wish. My email is [email protected]. Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Love maven’s character soo much

    • Lydia

      Yes! I was really surprised about Evangeline, albeit a pleasant surprise. I wish that would’ve been developed more, as Evangeline is a really strong character that I think could’ve/should’ve stood up to her father and came out; even if it ended in her exile.
      (Maybe she could’ve met up with Cal and the Scarlet Guard in her hiding with Elane!)

  • Molly Sanchez

    Ok I just finished the third book. I was really hesitant about book one because I felt like it was really slow moving and waaaayyyyyy too much like hunger games. It was a thought of “Oh this again.” But then it hit the point of I need to know what happens next. And I cannot believe all that was packed into each book. I have hardy been able to put them down after I reached that point. I didn’t enjoy Cameron chapters, She is a really unlikable character, but I understand 2 reasons for this choice that I can gather. 1) It shows the audience what is going on outside of Mare’s story line 2) It shows what it would have been if Mare had choose another path. When they first introduce her they describe her looking like mare just taller. I think that is why.
    As for Maven, during the bathroom scene I was freaking out thinking he was going to rape her. I was holding my breathe the entire time. SOOO happy I was wrong. At this point I don’t see Maven making it out of the series alive. I think Cal’s hope for saving him will be futile. Too many want Mav dead.
    I thought the escape was brilliantly written. and I just want Cal and Mare to end up together, Happy. I didn’t realize it was a four book series until I got to the epilogue which devastated my whole day.
    I am really enjoying the series =)

  • Gabby D

    When I first read this book it really caught my eye because I love books about royalty. But I love Mare as a character because she is incredibly flawed. Sometimes it can get really annoying at how perfect characters are in books. But I love how she can be really selfish at times and she makes stupid mistake but she seems very real and relatable. I like how we get to explore her mind set after she escapes Maven. Her PTSD and her inability to stop analyzing everything and everyone. I’m interested in Jon, he definitely adds more mystery to the series. I like how so many people are actually trapped in a King’s Cage. It’s not just Mare and Maven but Cal and Evangeline too. I want to see what will happen with Iris and what about Kilorn? No one has mention the girl he was flirting with in Glass Sword. Davidson kind of reminds me of Jon. As for the relationship with Mare and Maven, I like they’re the only two people who truly understand the other. I just want one more kiss between Mare and Maven, I know it’s wrong but pleassssssssssssse.

  • Diva444

    Looove the series!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Kristina

    I feel like what the queen did to Maven is going to wear off and he will do anything to redeem himself, and by the middle of the book Mare’s old feels come back, and because of that the royal court decided that she is a liability and Cal did due to that fact he cannot make hard choices, Then the court goes after Mare and the people she cares about. And the one time they get close enough to Mare, Maven ( or possibly even Cal ) jump and take the bullet and/or attack. #Mavemare

  • Krisy

    I feel like what the queen did to Maven is going to wear off and he will do anything to redeem himself, and by the middle of the book Mare’s old feels come back, and because of that the royal court decided that she is a liability and Cal did due to that fact he cannot make hard choices, Then the court goes after Mare and the people she cares about. And the one time they get close enough to Mare, Maven ( or possibly even Cal ) jump and take the bullet and/or attack. #Mavemare (Forever)

  • Madelene (Myself)

    As i finished the third book; I didn’t want to stop analyzing and reading between the lines of what might happen next. Since Aveyard is already bringing in the POV writing style, I would like to see her write from Cal’s and Maven’s POV. This would not only truly describe the feelings of the characters, but I feel like this would cause a much deeper insight into the plot of the story. I also feel like Mare should not die, but kind of fall into a spell, like in sleeping beauty; just to be able to see what the prince’s actual feeling towards Mare are.

    • A commenter

      I feel like a POV for a characters with so much mystery behind them like Cal or Maven would kinda ruin the whole surprise element and make the book really predictable. I was fine with Evangeline’s POV because she wasn’t much of a mystery and kinda had an idea of what was in her mine.

  • Ivy

    I think that mare should fall into some state of deep sleep or a coma. So we can know how the princes really feal and then (hopefully) cal will realize that he truly loves mare and he can’t loose her and rebelles against the marriage and goes and kills maven and saves mare. Then they can finally get that happy ending and probably start a new nation and a new family together.

  • Trinity

    I CAN RELATE!! I was so mad at Cal when he chose that stupid crown!! I wanted Mare and cal to start a family and a new race of silver and red both.

  • Elizabeth B.

    Honestly, as weird as it sounds, I am not totally furious at Cal…just apprehensive. Because I could very much be wrong, but as far as teen dystopian novels go, I don’t see them not ending up together in the final book. What he did was in no way acceptable, but I feel like Mare is being super stubborn, so that doesn’t really help the situation…
    However, I am pretty pathetic right now, considering the fact that I literally completed “King’s Cage” a mere three minutes ago and the first thing I did was look up information on the next. (What kind of an ending was that???) And here I am.
    And to all those people here who are saying they want Maven and Mare to end up together, my only question for you is simply: “WHY?”. If you truly believe that he loved her and not Cal, your definition of love is slightly jaded. Would you want your boyfriend to keep you captive in a torturous position and state just so he could keep you close? No one who loved you would put you in a state of being uncomfortable, pained, or stressed voluntarily. Just saying 🙂
    I am super late to this discussion, so I’m pretty sure no one will respond or see any of this, but much like Mare this is my sort of release and venting!

    • Death#imsaten Black

      OMG! Someone gets it!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong I love Maven but I also love Cal and Kilorn! I finished the book a week after it came out and my feelings have not changed just multiplied! I hate that Mare is in pain because of Maven and Cal!!!! At times I just want to curl up in a ball and cry for eternity! I need the 4th book so bad!

  • Death#imsaten Black

    Am I the only one who’s freaken out?! I am in love this series! Mare and Cal should so be together in the end!