‘Catching Fire’ is what every book-fan wants in a movie and has set the bar for book-to-film adaptions.

‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,’ the second in the Hunger Games film series was released yesterday and has everyone talking–and rightly so. Looking at the movie from a strictly film standpoint, it was incredible. The movie itself is an amazing blend of suspense and action and is a ride that will leave people talking for a very long time.

‘Catching Fire’ exceeds its predecessor in every single aspect (to the point where it almost makes the first one look like a joke!) Of course, after the huge success of the first film this is only to be expected. This film had a much larger budget and this translates into amazing effects as well as a wide range of new and top-notch actors.

Among the newcomers in this franchise, the ones who stole the show were easily Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin) and Johanna Mason (Jena Malone). Despite the uncertainties amongst fans of the books, Claflin fit the role as Finnick perfectly! He covers all aspects of Finnick’s character from the cocky victor, to the concerned ally and even to the romantic character that fans have come to love. Mason also flourishes in her role as Johanna and gives a vicious edge to the 75th Hunger Games.

‘Catching Fire’ does what many YA-book-to-film adaptions have failed to do lately. First, it sticks to the story with very little deterring. Anything that was omitted from the book or added to the book is appropriate (and there really aren’t many changes). But not only did they stick to the book, they succeeded in translating it onto the big screen. It becomes one of those rare movies where you feel like you’re reading the book again for the first time. The pacing and length of the film were perfect and never leaves the spectator wishing it would end earlier than it does.

Other studios, producers and directors need to follow what has happened here with ‘Catching Fire.’ It really is the model to aim for when adapting YA books to the big screen.

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  • Everest

    I loved it!! it is my favorite movie right now. Even my friend who doesn’t read Hunger Games really liked it and wants to see the next one!