June 08, 2018

About the Author 01: Mark Jeffrey

Mark talks how he podcasted his novel and dives into his experience self-publishing vs. traditional publishing.


Show Notes


Mark Jeffrey has always thought outside the box. He’s first and foremost an entrepreneur — that’s his thing. So it wasn’t a surprise when he approached self-publishing differently than most.

He gave his book away for free.

But we’re not talking about Kindle-Daily-Special-free either (the Kindle hadn’t even been invented yet!). He read his novel in front of a microphone, turning it into an audiobook and then releasing it as a podcast. The result was an audience of over 2 million and an eventual deal with one of the biggest publishers in the world.


For our pilot episode of About the Author, we’re speaking with Mark about how he wrote his book and then shared it with the world. Mark’s creative and entrepreneurial approach to self-publishing is an exciting story that’s sure to entertain creatives and inform soon-to-be writers.

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