June 15, 2018

About the Author 02: Obert Skye

Obert talks the power of imagination and the impact writing can have on children.


Show Notes


Obert Skye has a rule: “If it’s funny, say it!”

It’s that sort of humor that fills the pages of his books. Having written 30 books, Obert Skye is probably best known for his Leven Thumps series. In our second episode of About the Author, he sits down with us to discuss his approach to writing. (Hint: it’s all about the crazy, funny and weird!)

Obert Skye is also a professional speaker. He’s spoken at over 6,000 schools, sharing a message of passion, imagination and hope with children across America. He’ll take us behind the scenes to tell us how he got his start and the impact he’s seen his work have on his readers.