June 22, 2018

About the Author 03: Liana Gardner

Liana talks passion and writing in the face of adversity.


Show Notes


Liana Gardner has a passion for writing – she started when she was just nine-years-old!

She also has a passion for good books. It was her frustration with the books her younger sister was reading that led her to write her award-winning novels Misfit McCabe and Nowhere Feels Like Home.

And then in 2013, she received some life-changing news: she had leukemia. Yet while most would see that as a sign of the end, it became another source for Liana’s passion to write.


In this episode of About the Author, Liana shares how she’s taken a challenging life obstacle and turned it into a message of passion and devotion. It’s an inspiring story that everyone’s going to want to hear.