Ready Player One movie opens avatar design contest

‘Ready Player One’ begins filming soon and the filmmakers are launching an exciting contest for fans!


Author Ernest Cline is asking fans to submit their designs for avatars that may appear in the upcoming ‘Ready Player One’ movie.

“While real actors are being cast for the film, so are virtual 3D avatars,” Cline said in a video released on YouTube. “We’re inviting artists from around the world to create a 3D avatar that might appear in the film. This, my friends, is your chance to see your work come to life on the big screen.”

Check out Cline’s video announcement below:

The contest promises at least five of the submissions will be used in the film, each of those winners receiving $1,000 for an exchange of rights. Some of the designs may even receive exposure during the marketing of the movie. Additional winners may see their avatars in the background of scenes during the movie and will receive $250 if selected.

Artists are being asked to send a 3D model of their avatar as well as front and side views of their characters. Submissions will be accepted over the next month and there are guidelines and rules that need to be followed. You can see all the details by clicking here.

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The news comes just before the filming of the movie, which is slated to begin this summer.

‘Ready Player One’ will be based off of Cline’s bestselling book of the same name. The story follows Wade Watts as he navigates through the virtual reality world called the OASIS. He gets caught up in a global contest to solve a long-running trail of puzzles left behind by the OASIS’s creator, essentially fighting for control of the virtual world.

Warner Bros. bought the rights to the film and have brought Steven Spielberg on board to direct. The ‘Ready Player One’ movie is scheduled to arrive at theaters in December 2017.

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