Will the Divergent-gate drama ever end?

Will the Divergent movie series ever be left in peace? Find out about the possible future of the Divergent films.


Just as we finally thought the Divergent movie series drama was over and done with, we get this.

About a year ago, we found out that because Allegiant, the third installment in the Divergent movie series, did less than spectacular at the box office, Lionsgate changed their plan to release the final installment in the series Ascendant as a television movie and/or spin-off series.

Of course this led to much speculation about things such as casting (since the leading cast members, like Shailene Woodley made it clear they had no interest in making a television movie or series) and what television network, if any, would develop the movie or series. So we can safely assume that if this TV movie/spin-off/show/remake does go into production, the roles will be recast.

Earlier this week, Hypable broke the news that Divergent movie franchise may not be entirely dead yet. (You can find more information on what happened by listening to the very aptly named Divergent-gate episode of our podcast.) According to Hypable, it looks like Starz is developing a “drama television series based on Ascendant.

So what does that mean? It could most likely mean that the producers at Starz (which is owned by Lionsgate) mean to use the script that Lionsgate had made for the fourth theatrical film and modify it into a television format. It has also been confirmed that Lee Toland Krieger, who was slated to direct the original theatrical release, will direct the Ascendant TV movie/spin-off/show. There are also rumors that this final movie could potentially have a dual purpose: finishing the Divergent film series as well as being the backdoor pilot for a new television series or spin off based on the book. No other details have been made available.

It seems like Lionsgate is scraping the bottom of the barrel with this latest development. If I’m being honest, Lionsgate should take into account what fans are asking for: let it go. Since the odd (and quite frankly unnecessary) changes to the plot in Insurgent, fans were quick to voice their discontent with the direction in which Lionsgate was taking the film series. And the discontent hasn’t stopped since.

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