Bonus • December 11, 2020

Retelling Cinderella ... but with Quidditch, with Anna Meriano ('This is How We Fly')

Show Notes

A deep dive into self-discovery with author Anna Meriano.


Quidditch is a real thing … sort of. It might not be the magical experience many know, but athletes across the world have transformed the once-fictional activity into a real and authentic sport. It’s behind that backdrop that author Anna Meriano has penned her young adult novel, This Is How We Fly.

Meriano sits down with Bookstacked writer Chelsea Regan to discuss her new book in this special bonus episode of the podcast. There’s lots of talk about Quidditch (including how the Harry Potter fandom has evolved beyond J.K. Rowling) as well as the importance of self-discovery in YA and themes of gender inequality and identity.

Buy It: This Is How We Fly hits shelves Dec. 15, 2020. If you’re interested in purchasing the book, consider stopping by our Bookshop storefront, where you can buy a copy while supporting indie bookstores and our website.

Click here for more information about Anna’s virtual book launch.

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