July 12, 2019

Bookmarked 34: Everything we know about The Hunger Games prequel

There’s so much to say about The Hunger Games Prequel.


Show Notes


A Hunger Games prequel? It’s happening! And naturally, we’ve got a lot to say about it. We dive into everything we know about Suzanne Collins’ upcoming prequel and explore a couple of theories circulating the YA book community. We also take a look at what this means for the series as a whole and how Lionsgate may be in the background pulling some of the strings.

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In this episode…

  • It’s possible that we have psychic powers.
  • Wasn’t Suzanne Collins done writing The Hunger Games? A look back at what she’s said in the past.
  • Why has Suzanne Collins decided to return to Panem?
  • It looks like we’ll be exploring the reconstruction period of Panem.
  • How similar will this world be to the world Katniss lives in?
  • IS THIS A MAGS BOOK!? We review the evidence.
  • We’re crossing our fingers and hoping that this stays a single book.
  • What role did Lionsgate play in making this happen?
  • We remember that there’s a Hunger Games theme park.
  • It sounds like there’s going to be a Hunger Games prequel movie too.

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