Episode • September 15, 2015

Show Notes

Everyone’s reaction to the Allegiant-Ascendant renaming: WTF?! We talk about it in this episode of Bookmarked.


SPOILER WARNING: There are obviously major spoilers of Veronica Roth’s Allegiant, the final book in the Divergent trilogy.

Everyone likes surprises, right? Heh. No.

Lionsgate and Summit pulled a fast one on Divergent fans last week when they announced that the final Divergent movie, originally ‘Allegiant, Part 2’ is being renamed as ‘Ascendant’. When they made the announcement, the world basically blew up. It was both splendid and horrifying. And we decided–hey, why not talk about this? So that’s what we did. In this episode of Bookmarked, we talk about what the name “Ascendant” is supposed to mean for Tris and the rest of the characters in Divergent. We also wonder about what other changes might be coming, especially considering the drastic changes in ‘Insurgent’ and the fact that they’re splitting Allegiant into two parts.

What to expect in this episode:

  • Bookstacked writer Mary makes her podcasting debut and joins us for this episode!
  • Saul remembered to hit the record button.
  • Everybody is confused. Why Ascendant?
  • Will the name of the movie confuse people by making them think that there’s a fifth book named Ascendant?
  • Addie thinks that Tris will be taking an intergalactic journey into space.
  • Saul wonders whether the title is alluding to the ending of the book?
  • The Hunger Games movies are better.
  • Veronica Roth posted a response about the title change on her blog.
  • Did the film makers tell Veronica that this was happening, or did she learn about it with everyone else?
  • Is the Divergent franchise doomed?
  • Will Zuko ever find his mother?

Emotions are high and the stakes are even higher! The drama in this post is out of control! Ahhh!!

We hope you like it.

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