Episode 01 • March 5, 2015

Jeanine's Special Box

Show Notes

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Note: We had a sound error while recording. Because of this, there’s a noticeable echo behind some of the voices. We’ll be sure to correct this next time! Also, there are (super) minor spoilers for Allegiant and The Infinite Sea.

Book-to-film adaptations. You either love them, or you hate them. You’ve got masterpieces like ‘Catching Fire’, and then you’ve got headaches like ‘The Mortal Instruments’. In this episode, we take time to share our thoughts on book-to-film adaptations. What makes a good adaptation? What makes a bad one? We share a few experiences concerning our favorite adaptations and learn that getting into a premiere screening is harder than you think… and that Saul says “adaptions” over “adaptations.”

Also discussed in this episode…

  • The Last Star, the title of the third 5th Wave book was leaked!
    • What/who is the Last Star?
  • Veronica Roth shares her review of ‘Insurgent’
    • Everyone is worried about “the box.”

Hosts: Addie (writer at, Ariana (manager of @T5W_fans), Lucy (writer at, and Saul (writer at

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