#DomTakeOver Recap

Reporting all the Season 2 spoilers and behind the scenes secrets revealed in the #DomTakeOver event.


The Dominic Sherwood (Jace Wayland) ‘Takeover Tuesday’ was a day-long event that took place on September 27, 2016. #DomTakeOver started with Dominic posting short videos and behind the scenes photos on the official Shadowhunters TV social media accounts.


The event ended with a Facebook live chat featuring Alberto Rosende (Simon Lewis). The day provided fans with many spoilers about Season 2 of Shadowhunters, as well as gave fun facts about the actors and actresses of the show.


If you missed the takeover, have no fear, we’ve got your back! Here’s every spoiler and behind the scenes secret revealed during  the takeover.

Be aware of spoilers!

#DomTakeOver Season 2 Spoilers

1. Someone will die in Season 2. As if fans weren’t already freaking out over the wait for Season 2, Dominic and Alberto decided to drop this truth-bomb. The duo said “no one will die” while nodding their heads yes.


2. New weapons. The serif blades from Season 1 will have a new look come next season, and look “pretty cool” after the makeover. Additionally, new weapons (such as kali sticks) will be introduced. Jace will have at least two new weapons during Season 2.

3. Jace and Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) will share a big parabatai moment in Episode 3. The episode will be “very beautiful.”

4. Dominic admitted to “tearing up” over several scenes from the beginning of Season 2, specifically one “heartbreaking” scene from Episode 3.

5. Jace will go through “a hell of a journey,” and will also “go through a lot” during Episode 1. Episode 3 “will be a big one” for Jace.

6. Jace and Izzy will have either a scene fight or training scene together.


7. Dominic says “we don’t know” what to call Jace at the moment. In Season 1, Jace was “left as a Morgenstern,” but now, “we don’t know.”

8. The new set is “bigger and better and more fantastic.” The set is also “more technological.”

9. Overall, fans can expect “a lot of darkness” in Season 2.

10. Episodes 1 through 6 have “a lot going on.”

11. The book scene in which Jace meets Maia at a bar will be included in Season 2. Dom is “very excited” about it.

12. Emotionally speaking, fans are “pretty screwed” for Season 2 as it will be “pretty dark” and “pretty tough.”

13. Season 2 includes a total of 20 episodes.

14. “Big things” happen at the end of Episode 10 and the end of Episode 20.

15. Dominic nor Alberto know who will be playing Sebastian. Based on the duo’s body language, it appears they do in fact know who is playing Sebastian but are not allowed to say.


16. Season 2 comes out in January according to Dominic, and adds, “we think,” but “no one really knows.”

17. Malec this season “is good, it’s great.”

18. The runes were changed to all black. Alberto says fans “will be pleased” and reminds the fans that runes seen in behind the scenes photos have not been put through the full production process and may appear different in the show than they do now.

19. Dominic and Alberto “don’t know” if Idris will be featured in Season 2. Alberto “hopes” to see Idris in Season 2.

20. “We’ll see” if Jace is mad at Jocelyn after finding out his true identity.

21. Season 2 is “darker,” “more adult,” and “shot like a movie.” Alberto feels fans will like the new tone of Season 2.

22. There will be “one or two” plot lines in the show that do not follow the book series.

#DomTakeOver Cast Fun Facts
Dominic Alberto Katherine

Image Credit: Shadowhunters TV

1. Dominic and Matthew train together in the gym.

2. Dominic eats pasta on set.

3. Dominic thinks he would be a good Shadowhunter.

4. Dominic stays in his American accent all day on set. He said that changing between his American and British accent “messes [him] up” for the entire day.

5. Dominic constantly pranks Katherine McNamara (Clary Fray) on set because it’s “a lot of fun” and “too easy”.

6. Dominic claims the three things he has in common with Jace are eye color, hair and they wear “a lot of the same thing.”

7. If Dominic could portray any character from the series other than Jace, he would like to play Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia).

8. Dominic “can’t wait” for New York Comic-Con because he enjoys meeting the fans and sharing “something special.”

9. The show co-stars are “amazing” and “hang out all the time,” according to Dominic.

10. “Throw your heart out in front of you and run ahead to catch it,” is Dominic’s favorite quote.

11. Dominic’s favorite rune is the parabatai rune.

12. Alberto is learning Italian this year.

13. Alberto’s favorite book from the Mortal Instruments Series is “book 6 because of how everything comes together” in the end.

14. Alberto and Dominic’s favorite show couple is Malec.


Last season’s storyline kept book fans like myself guessing, “what will happen next?” Since the previous season ended on some major cliffhangers, I can’t even imagine what the writers have in store for fans next season. Will Season 2 follow the books or have unique storylines? Will there be Clizzy or Climon? Dominic’s spoilers have me rereading City of Ashes trying cope from the lack of answers!

What was your favorite part of the #DomTakeOver event? Did Dominic answer any of your questions during the Facebook live chat? How are you handling the wait for Season 2? Let us know in the comment section below.

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