Is Cassandra Clare Writing ‘Too Many’ Books in the Shadowhunter World?

A few months ago, I was asked what I thought of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter world, and whether or not I thought that she was writing ‘too many’ books in that world. To answer the first part of that question; I adore the Shadowhunter world. Personally, I think that all of Cassandra Clare’s books so far […]


A few months ago, I was asked what I thought of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter world, and whether or not I thought that she was writing ‘too many’ books in that world. To answer the first part of that question; I adore the Shadowhunter world. Personally, I think that all of Cassandra Clare’s books so far are fantastic, and definitely worth reading. And do I think she is writing too many books in the Shadowhunter world? My answer to that is a definite no.

So far, Cassie has released The Mortal Instruments (a six-book series), the prequel trilogy The Infernal Devices, and has a further two trilogies scheduled to come out in the next few years—The Dark Artifices and The Last Hours. Rumour has it, we’re also in store for a fifth Shadowhunter Series, The Wicked Powers. And so, as it stands, nine books have been released (as well as an additional series of short stories set to be released in a bind-up at the end of the year), and we are set for at least six to nine more. That would leave us, in the end, with potentially EIGHTEEN books set in the Shadowhunter world. Eighteen several-hundred page books might sound like an absurd amount to outsiders, to people not fans of the series. But to those of us who are fans of Cassandra’s work might argue back that eighteen books isn’t enough!

Cassandra Clare has spent a very long time planning out and writing these books, flushing out the series and making sure that everything fits perfectly into place. There is a reason why these books are so popular, especially right now with the last book in the original series, CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE, having just hit shelves in May this year.

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cassandra-clare-booksHaving so many books in the Shadowhunter universe doesn’t strike me as ‘too much’. How many contemporary writers do we know who consistently write books set in the real world, on regular old Earth? Just like contemporary books can go in a seemingly unlimited number of directions, so can the books in Cassie’s series’—with the two already completed series’, we know that the world isn’t strictly linear to one overarching plot. Both The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices follow very different plots, and have very different tones to them, and none of the characters in either series seems recycled. We know that Clare can provide us with extremely entertaining books in the same universe—a universe which is infinitely as vast as our own—why should it be considered that there are too many?

Cassandra Clare is clearly a fantastic writer. I trust her to write a good book, and know that she can come up with some of the most exciting and gripping stories we’re likely to read. Her cast of characters is incredibly diverse and three-dimensional, and she knows how to write a series without any drop in quality.

Some people might think she’s only writing so many books in the same world because she knows that they’ll make money, to those people I say: don’t buy the book. Me? I’m going to sit and patiently wait for the first book in The Dark Artifices, LADY MIDNIGHT, to come out next year. Who’s with me?

Let me know below what you think; has Cassandra Clare gone overboard with our favourite Shadowhunters?

Michael is a graduate of the University of Stirling with a degree in English Studies. When he's not juggling reading four books at once, you'll probably find him exploring medieval castles around Scotland.

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  • Angus • 8 years ago

    I fully agree, alot of people are like “I’m not going to read any more of Cassandra Clare’s books because they’re all the same”. None of them are the same, they’re all set in the same world yes, but aren’t like all contemporary books set on earth? Does that mean that they’re not original? Cassandra Clare has created a very complex world and storyline, Her characters brim with complexity and her writing is amazing. I can’t wait for The Dark Artifices!

  • Dellastarr • 8 years ago

    I agree… I love the world, the characters, the way these universes fit together. In my opinion, she can’t write too many. As long as there are stories to tell, I want to read them. I especially enjoyed the “new” Magnus story that she read at the launch of City of Heavenly Fire. More, more, please!! Right now, Cassie is the only reader worth reading.

  • t • 8 years ago

    I need more clary and jace!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael Burns • 8 years ago

      Here’s hoping they show up throughout The Dark Artifices 🙂

  • Mary Dempsey • 8 years ago

    I really don’t think she’s writing too many. I love the Shadowhunter world. It’s one of my favorite worlds I’ve ever read. I admit that I’m going to keep reading them, even if they reach almost 2030.

  • Tiffany • 7 years ago

    I can not get enough of the Shadowhunter world. Funny, my sister was just telling me the other day that she thought TMI might have done better as a trilogy and I had to give her so many reasons why it couldn’t be. Devoted from the first book, I devoted all five books. I recently just got my hands on the Infernal Devices trilogy, and oh my goodness, I was wounded right in the chest by those books. I feel like the more I read about the Shadowhunters, the more I want. So, the short answer is no; I do not think she’s written too many, and now with the Shadowhunters TV show in full fling, I’m just so excited! I wish J.K Rowling had kept going with Harry Potter, because frankly, I would have kept reading it, even if it was in the perspective of the next generation.