DISCUSS: ‘Warcross’ by Marie Lu! (SPOILERS!)

Welcome to our fan discussion of ‘Warcross’ by Marie Lu. Caution: spoilers ahead!


The following article and comments contain MAJOR SPOILERS from Marie Lu’s Warcross, including important plot points and character developments.


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Although the huge twist at the end was hinted at throughout the book, the reveal of Hideo’s master plan and Zero’s identity left me needing more!

What an electric world we stepped into, from Emika’s rainbow hair to all the glam of Tokyo! Emika is such an easy character to fall in love with, just like Asher, Roshan, and Hammie also. Their team training was intense but it made it easy to understand the game of Warcross a lot better. As for Hideo, well what a character he was from the very beginning up until the end! There is so much packed into this book. The dark world, secret identities, truth bombs, and more had me turning the pages!

So what do you think? I was left heart broken by Hideo and his hopes to control the human race through Warcross. And Zero’s identity left me curious. What will Emika do? And most importantly, how will Hideo react when he learns that his brother isn’t dead?

Leave your thoughts and feelings in the comment section to engage with other fans!

Not sure where to start? Here are some discussion points that you can address if you’d like:

  • Overall thoughts about that shocking ending.
  • Did you predict Zero’s identity? If you did, how? If not, how do you feel about it being Sasuke?
  • Since it’s obvious that Sasuke is immersed into the world of Warcross. What do you think he feels about who Hideo is? Do you think he would even consider him his “brother” still?
  • How do you feel about Hideo’s actions at the end of the book? Do you still like him as a character?
  • What do you think Emika will do? Will she work with Zero or maybe stick with her new friends?
  • Did you enjoy Emika and Hideo’s relationship? Do you ship it?
  • Is there a character you hope we see more of in the next book?
  • How did you feel about the gaming aspect of the story? Was it well written?
  • Predictions for the next book.
  • Favorite quotes?

In order for this to work, you have to share your thoughts below! Let’s create a nice space where everyone can come together and discuss Warcross, the fun and thrilling new series from Marie Lu.

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  • Kristy @ Simply Nicollette • 7 years ago

    I hope we see a lot of Sasuke in the next book because I NEED TO KNOW MORE! Where has he been? What happened to him? I really think the addition of his character will be so fun to read. I’m also hoping that Emika decides to work with him.. But I also still want to see more of Roshan, Asher, and Hammie! I’m a little torn on Hideo’s character right now so I’m not sure what could possibly happen for him in the next book? So much to process!

  • l3cnviv2dc7l • 6 years ago

    USA is team Sasuke – fake freedom and tons of corruption and violence. I would be team Hideo. Prevent any and all crime on Earth from happening before it even has a chance to. Unfortunately USA loves corruption, crime, violence, oppression and guns so much and calls that freedom.