Bookish gift ideas for your friends and family

There’s plenty on the market for book lovers this holiday season. 🎄


Buying a gift for your favorite book nerd? There’s no reason the process should be a painful one! Book lovers are some of the easiest people to shop for simply because there’s no end to the options!

That said, we figured we’d help you out a bit and offer up some of our best bookish gift ideas. Anything to make shopping easier, right?

And — hey — you might even find a little something for yourself!

A nifty book sleeve

Taking a book on the go is a daily ritual for book lovers, which is why book sleeves are a must. Sliding your current read into a protective sleeve keeps it safe in handbags, satchels and backpacks.

Book Beau — a popular book sleeve shop — has made a name for itself in recent years with its unique and stylish patterns. It might be worth perusing their site for a sleeve or two.

A needed Kindle upgrade

Maybe you know someone who’s still using that Kindle from 2011, or maybe you’ve been waiting for the right moment to snatch an eReader with a built-in light (Kindle’s base model now features a front light!) Amazon’s Kindle is a fantastic gift, especially during the holidays. The eReaders can often be found at stellar prices during winter and Black Friday sales — there’s no better time to upgrade!

But maybe you’re not looking for a Kindle but still want to freshen up your eReading experience? There are plenty of accessories that will do just that — cases and covers are a good start.

An Audible subscription

Finding time to sit down and read a traditional book can be difficult some days, even for dedicated readers. Audiobooks are the perfect solution.

There are plenty of audiobook vendors out there, but we would recommend Amazon’s Audible. You can gift a membership spanning from one month to a full year, even to someone who’s already a member.

A stylish book shirt

Out of Print is a neat store with a large selection of bookish items, but their best products have to be their snazzy t-shirts that feature the cover art from classic novels. They have covers from staples in literature like 1984 and Charlotte’s Web to popular titles like Harry Potter. Readers will definitely want at least one of these shirts in their closet.

These gorgeous Harry Potter Moleskine notebooks

Moleskine notebooks are already classy, but these special Harry Potter editions cast a serious spell. Maybe you’ll want to pick up a notebook with the Marauder’s Map on the cover, or even a night scene of the Ford Anglia flying to the Hogwarts Castle. Frankly, it doesn’t matter! You can’t go wrong with any of these notebooks as gifts.

A collector’s edition

Most popular books have some sort of special, limited or collector’s edition in print. Some of them come in the form of illustrated editions (such as with the Harry Potter series) while others might introduce a unique printing element (like the miniature editions of the Throne of Glass series). Regardless, a collector’s edition in any form is bound to impress.

Ask your friend or family member what their favorite book is and do a bit of research online to see if there’s a special copy you might add to their collection.

A book

A bit obvious, but it can’t be overlooked. Most book lovers are always looking to expand their library. Either ask for their book wishlist and help them cross off a few titles or surprise them with a recommendation of your own! A book is one of the best and most classic gifts.

What gift ideas would you recommend?

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