10 YA Series You Need to Read

We love old stand by’s but here’s something new that’s actually old. I’ve got ten oldies but goodies to liven it up.


In the YA universe we have our favorite series that we cannot help but read over and over, and over again. This guilty pleasure contributes to weekends spent locked away with Harry, Ron and Hermione (and lets face it, Bella and Edward too).

To switch it up a bit, I have dug up some of my old favorite series you just have to try.

Here are my top ten “Oldie but Goodie” series that you may not know about. I assure you, they are all worth the time away from our comfortable faves.

1) Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

This lovely little trilogy with introduce you to best love triangle of your life. Think you know which two characters to ship? I bet you pick them all.

2) Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Pair fae magic, unrequited love and an uncontrolled force of evil. What do you have? Perfection.

3) Darkest Powers by Kelley Armstrong

Teens with frightening special abilities, hormones and a flight for their lives. What could go wrong? Everything I hope. These books are filled with predetermined destiny and the fight between, as Dumbledore would say, what is right and what is easy.

4) Curse Workers by Holly Black

This is a series for ladies and gentlemen. What if humans had special abilities, ones that could take our memories, blind us or kill us? Don’t worry, it’s illegal for the Curse Workers to use their abilities. Will that stop them? Probably not, but you’ll love every second of it.

5) Vampire Academy by Rachelle Mead

Evil baddie vampires, forbidden attraction and two besties who are literally bonded for life. Sign me up! While we know the movie wasn’t quite up to par with our expectations, the books never fail to deliver. The book boyfriends we collect from this series aren’t too shabby either.

6) Wings by Aprilynne Pike

If you are looking for a sweet fantasy full of love and friendship (and maybe a few battles) look no further. The read is easy and the characters are like friends you have known for years.

7) Celestra by Addison Moore

This eight book series will take you to places you never could have imagined on your own. With death, tragic lost love, life, murder, curses and epic battles you are in for a wild ride. Did I mention the dead randomly coming back to life?

8) The Watchers by S.J. West

Fallen angels are among us. Some want blood, revenge and to torture. Others just want forgiveness and maybe even a shot at humanity. With so many stories to tell, how does S.J. have time for anything but to give us more of these amazing characters? I won’t claim to know, but she always delivers. This trilogy is a gateway series into her fantastic world of the Watcher community. Believe me when I say, “You’ll want more”.

9) Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

Artemis is one smart cookie determined to get what he wants. Captain Holly Short is one pistol of a fairy and a cop with a need to prove herself. With eight books full of their love hate relationship I cannot help but cheer them both on.

10) Abhorsen by Garth Nix

This trilogy is not for the fainthearted. It’s full of strong visual elements that will quite possibly give you nightmares. However, that didn’t stop me from devouring it within a few days. Drowning in necromancy, cat demons and sassy ladies, it’s bound to be a fast favorite.

Lauren is a self proclaimed "serial reader" who enjoys most things literary. When not nose deep in a new novel you can find her teaching ballroom dancing or working on a new crochet project.

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