FAN POLL: The Hunger Games – YA Book Edition!

Harry vs Tris, Hermione vs Clary, Thomas vs Jace?! Who will win our YA Books edition of The Hunger Games!?


Welcome to Bookstacked’s Hunger Games: YA Book Edition!

In celebration of the final Hunger Games movie, we’re plucking your favorite YA book characters out from the comfort of their books and placing them in an arena to fight for their freedom and lives! (Mwahahahaha!)

We’re kicking the games off with 24 tributes, each coming from four of the most popular YA Book franchises: Harry Potter, Divergent, Maze Runner, and The Mortal Instruments.

How it works: You can play by voting for your favorite YA Book characters! In doing so, you become their “sponsor,” making it much more likely that they’ll make it to the end of the games! The characters with the least amount of sponsors more than likely won’t make it very far. Some times, characters will encounter each other in the arena. In these Flash Fight cases, you’ll be able to vote between these two characters, essentially choosing which among the two will live and die. A new round will open each day with the winner being announced this Saturday (November 21). You’ll need to have a Twitter account to participate. We recommend following @Bookstacked to keep up with the games!

Get the latest updates on the games below:

May the odds be ever in their favor!

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Newt fought long and hard, but in the end Hermione went home with the crown.

Thank you to everyone who took time to play the game!
In the end, 220 votes were cast throughout the game.


Evening – Saturday, November 21: Only Newt and Hermione remain! The Capitol is on edge. Support pours in for both of them. WHO WILL BE VICTOR?!

Afternoon – Saturday, November 21: Four’s support wanes as the day moves on. Eventually the fatigue and pain overcome him and he dies.

Morning – Saturday, November 21: Hermione is attacked by monkey mutts! The battle is tough and she very nearly dies, but just enough people in the Captiol choose to sponsor her, which ultimately gives her what she needs to make it out alive.

Morning – Saturday, November 21: Hermione walks cautiously through the arena, prepared for anything that may come her way.

Morning – Saturday, November 21: The Finale opened with the three finalists: Hermione, Four, and Newt. Who will win?

Morning – Saturday, November 21: The sun rises and Hermione is found studying from a book in preparation for the end of the games.

Early Morning – Saturday, November 21: Newt tried to rest for the night, but anxiety is high. He’s so close to winning.

Early Morning – Saturday, November 21: Four doesn’t intend to sleep. With only three tributes left, he knows that the end is drawing near.


The night ended with three tributes dead and three tributes left to move into the Finale.

Evening – Friday, November 20: The two alliances found each other and began attacking! The fight was incredibly deadly. While Magnus and Alec had been favorites the day before, the audience seemed to love Newt and Clary more. In the end, Newt and Clary walked away. However, Clary’s support faded quickly and she eventually died from the injuries of the fight.

Afternoon – Friday, November 20: Four is attacked by poisonous fog. Fortunately for him, he has a lot of sponsors in the Capitol. They helped him escape death… for now.

Morning – Friday, November 20: Newt and Clary form an alliance. They like their odds better when sticking together.

Morning – Friday, November 20: Round Three opened with six tributes left in the arena.

Early Morning – Friday, November 20: Hermione Granger’s friends died in the fight the day before. Nervous over what the coming day holds, she wakes up early to prepare to fight. She has no interest in joining a pack or an alliance.

Early Morning – Friday, November 20: Alec and Magnus have proven to be the crowd’s favorite. The two work together in hopes of winning–but can they keep hold of the audiences heart for just another day?


Round Two ended with seven tributes dead, leaving behind six to move on to Round Three.

Afternoon – Thursday, November 19: Ron and Harry form an alliance and hope to find Hermione when they’re suddenly attacked by both Minho and Gally who have also formed an alliance. The two groups fight each other for hours, each tribute taking violent damage. Eventually Ron and Gally die. Harry and Minho continue. Harry succeeds in killing Minho, but his own injuries are too great and he dies several hours later.

Morning – Thursday, November 19: Round Two opened with 12 tributes left. Some of them began to form alliances and packs.

Early Morning – Thursday, November 19: Just before dawn, Teresa appears from the darkness and attacks Ron. The two engage in battle for some time. For a moment it looks as though Ron will die, but at the last second he kills Teresa and escapes.


Round One ended with a total of 11 tributes falling. 13 tributes remain and move on into Round Two.

Night – Wednesday, November 28: Hearing a noise from behind her, Luna was surprised to find Gally late at night when she was setting up camp. Gally attacked her before she had time to fight back and she died.

Afternoon – Wednesday, November 18: While looking for food Teresa and Eric stumbled upon each other and began attacking one another! Panem residents quickly sponsored their favorite tribute. Teresa got the most support. With the money contributed to her survival, the game makers sent a silver parachute and provided her with a knife. Eric died in the fight.

Morning – Wednesday, November 18: Round One of the YA Book Hunger Games opens with all 24 tributes in the arena! The time has come for you to sponsor your favorite characters! For Round One, reply to the tweet below via Twitter listing the FOUR characters you want to see move on to Round Two!

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