Read an excerpt from ‘We Can Be Mended’, the Divergent Series epilogue

This excerpt offers a glimpse at life after the events in ‘Allegiant’.


Here’s a treat for Divergent fans: an excerpt from the Divergent Series epilogue has surfaced online!

The excerpt comes from a piece of bonus material included with pre-orders of Veronica Roth’s upcoming novel Carve the Mark. Fans who pre-order the book will be given access to an epilogue of Roth’s breakout Divergent Series. The epilogue, titled We Can Be Mended, will reportedly focus on Tobias “Four” Eaton, one of the main characters in the Divergent Series and will take place five years after Allegiant.

Epic Reads, a book blog owned by Roth’s publisher HarperCollins, unveiled the excerpt yesterday on their site. You can read it below:

(Obvious Allegiant Spoiler Warning!)

I finally look around. The crowd gathered at the bottom of the Pit, near the edge of the chasm, is dense and multicolored, as I’ve never seen it before. And the people—old and young and everything in between, cradling cups to their chests and talking. My eyes still search for faction divisions even now, but I don’t find any—even in myself, my shirt Candor white, my jeans Erudite blue, and my shoes Dauntless black. We are just people now.

This definitely has us interested to see what might be going on in Roth’s dystopian Chicago after the transformative events in Allegiant!

Those who wish to read the full epilogue will have to pre-order Carve the Mark online. They can submit a copy or photo of their pre-order receipt at the Carve the Mark website. The last day to submit receipts is January 17th.

Veronica Roth’s Carve the Mark is expected to be one of the hottest YA titles of this year. It’s due to hit shelves January 17th.

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