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‘Harry Potter: The Creature Vault’ October Release date

Exciting news for all of us, Harry Potter fans!

Exciting news for all of us, Harry Potter fans!

We finally have a release date for ‘Harry Potter: The Creature Vault’, and is going to be on October 28,2014!

Harper Collins is once again the publisher, so you know we’re in good hands.

From their webpage,

Dementors and House-elves, merpeople and Chinese Fireball Dragons—these are just a few of the magical creatures and frightening monsters populating J. K. Rowling’s wizarding world. Harry Potter: The Creature Vault is a fascinating look at how this menagerie was brought to life for the blockbuster Harry Potter film series. Detailed profiles of each creature include rare concept illustrations, behind-the-scenes photography, and filmmaking secrets from the Warner Bros. archive. A removable poster picturing each of the creatures and an interactive Eeylops Owl Emporium catalog complete this must-have package.

Are you excited?? I think it will be a good ‘dummies guide’ for people not familiar with the books.


Rebeca Flores

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