Patronus quiz debuts on Pottermore

Expecto Patronum! You can (FINALLY) learn what your patronus is!


Pottermore has finally launched the long-awaited Patronus quiz, giving Harry Potter fans the chance to find out what their Patronus actually is.

The Patronus spell is one of the most recognized spells from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Summoned by the words “Expecto Patronum!“, it conjures up a magical protector in the form of an animal. In the Harry Potter series the Patronus is often used to dispel Dementors, dark creatures that feed off peoples’ misery and souls. Fans will know that Harry Potter’s own Patronus is a stag.


“We are so delighted to be bringing J.K. Rowling’s most famous spell magically to life on Pottermore,” said Pottermore CEO Susan L. Jurevics in a statement. ” It’s been fantastic working with J.K. Rowling and our creative and development teams to realize her vision.”

Pottermore’s “Patronus Experience” is a bit more engaging than Pottermore’s other quizzes, most notably the Hogwarts and Ilvermorny house sorting experiences. The quiz takes place in a 3D environment and the questions are time-sensitive.

Rowling was heavily involved in building the quiz. She gave detailed input and direction to the team who put it together, according to Pottermore, who calls this “the only authentic Patronus experience.”

Rowling took to Twitter early Thursday morning to talk about the Patronus quiz, revealing that she took the Patronus quiz twice (once before it was finalized and again after).

Rowling announced that her patronus is a Heran, saying that her new Patronus “has personal associations and I like it even better.”

Fans who wish to learn what their Patronus is will need to log into their Pottermore accounts to take the quiz.

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