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It’s time for a fan discussion of ‘Realm Breaker’ by Victoria Aveyard! Caution: spoilers ahead!


The following article and comments contain MAJOR SPOILERS from Victoria Aveyard’s Realm Breaker, including important plot points and character developments.

If you have not finished Realm Breaker, do not scroll further. There are Realm Breaker spoilers on this page.

If you want to know what we thought about Realm Breaker, check out our review. (We loved it.)

Victoria Aveyard’s Realm Breaker is finally here! The book is epic and cinematic and oh boy — the twists! There’s a lot to love about this book, from Coryane’s incredible arc to the slow-burn romance kindling between Erida and Taristan (we must talk about this).

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So what do you think? Everyone’s bound to have a lot of thoughts about Realm Breaker. Let’s talk.

Not sure where to start? Check out our notes below as a springboard for the conversation. Realm Breaker introduces us to the vast world of Allward, as well as the concept of worlds beyond via the Spindles. With so much packed into a single book, you know we took notes. You can check out some of our thoughts about the book below, or use our notes as a Realm Breaker summary to refresh your memory on your favorite plot points.

  • THE PROLOGUE. Watching the Companions fail at their task to stop Taristan is heart-wrenching, especially from the point-of-view of Andry Trelland, our squire.
  • The Elders are a neat concept, what are your thoughts on their introduction? The idea that the Elders are immortal beings from another realm is so cool.
  • Taristan and the red wizard. These are not guys to mess with, yikes.
  • What were your intial impressions of Coryane? Corayne, the daughter of a pirate, is longing for adventure and we know it’s just right around the corner.
  • Do you think Meliz is too hard on Corayne?
  • Queen Erida … do we dare ask for your first impressions? We definitely thought she was going to be the righteous and virtuous queen. Big mistake.
  • What did you make of the voices in Andry’s head?
  • Dom. ❤️
  • How did you feel about Sorasa when we first meet her?
  • Clearly Sorasa and Dom have some friction between them. Do you think their judgmments of each other are fair?
  • Do you think Erida made the right move in keeping the knowledge about what happened to the Companions a secret from her council? Obviously she was keeping a lot more than just that from them.
  • What do you think about Ascal, the massive city built on a delta? It seems so cool … but also smelly.
  • Were you happy to see Corayne, Dom and Sorasa finally meet up with Andry?
  • OK THE BIG TWIST: Woooaaaahhh! Turns out Erida’s betrothed is Taristan!? Were you shocked by Erida’s betrayal? She’s definitely the most surprising character in this story!
  • How do you feel about Andry leaving his mother behind? Such an emotional part of the story!
  • Thoughts on Valtik? Were you surprised Valtick sent the visions and the whispers?
  • Erida’s and Taristan’s wedding night was, uh, interesting? But it’s the start of a budding villain romance.
  • Thoughts on Adira?
  • How do you feel about the additions of Charlie and Sigil to the party?
  • I mean … we all called a sea monster attack as soon as we saw them on a boat, right? The sea monsters have been mentioned previously in the story. The fact that there are dangerous creatures spilling into Allward from other realms definitely ups the stakes here.
  • Almasad sounds like an amazing city.
  • Another great twist: Sigil’s faux-betrayal. Not going to lie, we were fooled for a bit.
  • Konegin trying to poison Taristan. This guy clearly had no idea what he was up against.
  • Ohhhh that last line! Erida is definitely one to watch!

In order for this to work, you have to share your thoughts below! Let’s create a space where Victoria Aveyard fans can come together and discuss Realm Breaker!

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  • Avatar photo
    Saul Marquez • 3 years ago

    I’ve been DYING to talk to people about this book since I read it. While my favorite character was probably Andry, I LOVED Erida. I was not at all expecting that twist and had to re-read the scene where she announces her fiancé a couple of times — I was so shocked. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about the twist, but as I saw her and Taristan interact more and more, I started to appreciate it. I’m very interested in seeing where these two characters go in the next books.

    • Grace • 2 years ago

      I AGREE! I NEVER THOIGHT SHE WOULD HAVE SIDED WITH HIM AFTER THE CONVICTION SHE SHOWED TOWARDS ANDY IN REGARDS TO THW WHOLE SITUATION BEING A THREAT FOR HER PEOPLE. Also, the wedding night was probably one of the highlights in the book for me. I really hope to see some time dedicated into the development of their relationship!