Behind The Scenes: A look at the show and the set

A behind the scenes look inside the show, its cast, and the creation and design of the set.


We have put together some of the many new photos from the set of ‘Shadowhunters’ for you fans! Check them out below and enjoy:

We have the first official photo of the cast together in costume.



A photo of Matthew Daddario ‘Alec’ with his bow and arrow.


A tense scene between Dom Sherwood ‘Jace’ and Alberto Rosende ‘Simon’, possibly involving jealousy.


Here we have a special treat, a shirtless Jon Cor ‘Hodge’ selfie.



Katherine McNamara ‘Clary’ looking a bit worse for wear.


Emeraude Toubia ‘Isabelle’ training with her whip and looking fierce.



Katherine McNamara ‘Clary’ and Alberto Rosende ‘Simon’ look to be in a bit of trouble.


Brother Matthew Daddario ‘Alec’ and sister Emeraude Toubia ‘Isabelle’ training.


A short video of Katherine McNamara in training to be a Shadowhunter.


Thanks to the shows new website we have a look into the creation, and design of the set of the Institute for the show:





A little look inside the ‘Fray’ household:





This is all so intriguing! I am loving the design of the set, and I can’t wait until we see more. What do you think? Does it look like what you imagined it would be?

‘Shadowhunters’ premieres in early 2016.

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