The Mortal Instruments Series Will Soon Be a Graphic Novel

The Mortal Instruments series has hit the big screen, the small screen and will soon become a graphic novel series.


Cassandra Clare announced earlier this week that a graphic novel version of the Mortal Instruments series will be released on October 31, 2017. The series will contain two books, but it is unknown if the series is based solely on City of Bones (book one of the original series), or the entire Mortal Instruments series.

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In 2013, City of Bones was released as a digital graphic novel. The novel contained nine parts and each were released individually. Before the eighth part released, the series was discontinued for unknown reasons. Since, a print version of the novel is available for preorder on Walmart, Book Depository and Amazon, each of which state different release dates.

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Cassandra Jean is the illustrator of the upcoming series, and illustrated  other Cassandra Clare works such as The Infernal Devices graphic novel series and The Shadowhunters Codex.

Currently, part one of the series is available for preorder on a variety of sites, such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Will you be ordering part one of the Mortal Instruments graphic novel series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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