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It’s a waiting game! Things to do while waiting for the 5th Wave Movie!



As we know, it’s all a waiting game now.
Trailers, Posters, Interviews and then the Movie.

But the wait is still long and even though the road ahead may seem like a long one, I have made a list of things you can do to keep from going completely mad!

So here it is. SergeantZombie’s list of things to do before the 5th wave!

1) Read the series again!

Now I know this may seem pointless because we don’t have the full series but trust me, your hunger will be filled if you read The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea again. You will meet the characters all over again and may even spot things you may have missed the first time you read the book.

2) Watch a movie with one of the cast members in it!

  • So, I know that our Cassie has had some major roles in the past and if you just can’t wait to see her in action, there are many other options to see her ie, If I Stay, Kick Ass (If you’re over 16), Hugo and many more!
  • Nick Robinson is in Melissa and Joey which is four seasons worth of staring at that Ben Parrish smile. I mean, who wouldn’t want to stare at that all day?
  • Tony Revolri is in Dope the new “Pharrell” movie which has just come out. He also plays the lead role next to Ralph Fiennes in The Grand Budapest Hotel as lobby boy “Zero”. He really does an amazing job and I highly recommend it.
  • Maika Monroe is in a few movies but The Guest, At Any Price and It Follows are some of her most recent roles. Just be sure to check age ratings on the movies!

There are many other movies they are in and you need only search!

3) Read another book series!

There are so many other amazing book series out there and they definitely quench a thirst inside of you!

4) Watch cat Videos and eat ice-cream.

In those moments where none of the above work, the best thing to do is just jump on youtube and watch cat videos because at the end of the day, cat’s are happy creatures and can make you forget the fact you still have to wait till January 2016 to watch The 5th Wave. (Sorry for the sore reminder).

5) Listen to the Bookmarked podcast!’s podcast is on iTunes and it’s loaded with things every YA reader will love! We seriously have a lot of fun making these and we discuss EVERYTHING fandom! Listen to it here (and if you like it, leave us a review on iTunes!)

So I hope the list above provides you with a substantial list of things to do before the release of The 5th Wave movie.
I know I have done all things on this list and it helps!

If you have any other suggestions of things you do to help quench your 5th Wave thirst, leave them in the comments below because I know I need them.

So while we all wait for the new release date of 15th of January 2016, make sure you stay safe and stay happy!

And remember, The 5th Wave is coming.



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