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Squad 53… HERE THEY ARE!

Finally we have our “Squad 53”.

Finally we have our “Squad 53”.

The squad members are as followed:

Ben Parish/ Zombie played by Nick Robinson (Melissa and Joey, The Kings of Summer)

Ringer played by Maika Monroe (The Guest, At Any Price)

Sammy Sullivan/ Nugget played by Zackary Arthur

Teacup played by Talitha Bateman (Hart of Dixie)

Dumbo played by Tony Revolri (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Poundcake played by Nadji Jeter (Grown Ups, Grown Ups 2)

Oompa played by Cade Canon Ball

Tank played by Flynn McHugh

Flintstone played by Alex MacNicoll

A lot of members I know! But tell me what you think of the casting in the comments!

Personally, I’m pleased with this cast. Some of the casting makes me a little confused such as “Poundcake”. In the book he is described as being eight years old and quite chubby. But Nadji Jeter is eighteen and not at all fat! Hopefully he’ll make it work!

I think overall my favourtie casting from this is “Dumbo”. I think he did a really amazing job in “The Grand Budapest Hotel” earlier this year and his talent is something really amazing!

I am also very excited to see Nick Robinson as Zombie/Ben. When the three rumored casting photos came out and Nick Robinson was one of the three, I got VERY excited! He is a really talented actor with great potential in film. With “The Kings Of Summer” and “Melissa and Joey” under his belt and “Jurassic World” coming out in June next year, he really has a lot going for him in Hollywood!

Discuss in the comments your thoughts on the casting, who you may have liked to see play any of these characters or whatever thoughts you have on the casting!

January 2016 can’t come soon enough!



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