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The Infinite Sea is here! What were your thoughts?  Was it: WOAHAHAHAAHAH!!!? Was it: GAAAAHAHAHHEHEREG!!!  WAS IT: OMMMFFGGGGTEDDYBEARSOMMGGMMGMGM *faints*?  WAS IT: Meh?  WAS IT: Yum?


Leave your thoughts and feelings in the comment section to engage with other fans!

Not sure where to start? Here are some discussion points that you can address if you’d like:

  • Overall feelings about the book.
  • Thoughts on Cassie, Ben, Sammy, Ringer, Evan.
  • Thoughts on the new characters.
  • Most shocking part.
  • Your favorite line.
  • Ringer’s theory.
  • What do you think happens next?
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  • Caity • 10 years ago

    What? JUST WHAT? So the aliens were never on Earth? SO EVAN IS NOT AN ALIEN? So where are they? All on the mothership? What are they doing?!? I don’t understand !!!

    • Emma Armstrong • 10 years ago

      I don’t completely understand it either, Ringers theory confused me a lot I wasn’t sure what was going on near the end of the book. I’d like to know too!

      • Emma Armstrong • 10 years ago

        I’m a little confused as to what was going on with Ringer…. So I know she’s been “enhanced” that’s obvious (and really cool, I’ve definitely warmed to her) but what I didn’t get was parts of conversations with Vosch I wasn’t sure what was simply being said?

        Is he saying that the aliens were never really on the earth? Then what’s all this enhancement thing then are the aliens just making the humans more enhanced or?

        I absolutely loved reading this book and I guessed Evan would live (had a feeling lol) but I’d just like someone to clear up my confusion towards the end. Also can’t wait to see the film adaptation in 2016, a long way to go yet lol.

      • Raquel • 10 years ago

        I actually really missed Cassie. We didn’t get much of her in this book but I hope that we get a lot more for the 3rd (and hopefully not last) book. Also can we take a moment to talk about Poundcake and give him some respect? After all he went through he died an honorable, noble, and down to earth courageous death. His back story really touched my heart in a way not even Ringer’s back story did. I have respect for that kid.

        • Emma A • 10 years ago

          Yeah i did miss #SassyCassie (Haha) and I’m hoping we get alot more from her in the 3rd book too. I say third book because Rick appears to not know weather he’s going to make a forth book (https://twitter.com/5thWaveProblems/status/510858331003420672/photo/1).

          I have to agree with you too on Poundcake’s death and his background story, I have alot of respect for him too. I would of liked him around a little longer, i thought it was pretty sad that he died not knowing what happened to his little baby brother. I’m glad he killed that bitch Grace. At least i hope! I mean Evan seemed to escape the unescapable after all…..
          Who knows?

        • Raquel • 10 years ago

          Lol yes I hope there is at least a book 4. There are too many questions that need to be answered and many more problems that need to be solved. Either we get a 3rd and 4th book or The 3rd book needs to be as gigantic as the Harry Potter books. Hahaha

        • chous • 10 years ago

          i really miss cassie, i want more cassie, i need more cassie.

    • Lauren8651 • 10 years ago

      I don’t understand the ending of this book — so the aliens did not want to take the risk of coming down to Earth? Who is Vosch and those who work for him? Also, then, why do they care so much about Evan if he isn’t an alien, but one of the many super-charged humans like Ringer? Why would Evan lie about his story with Grace — about the fact that they were thousands of years old if he were just a super-charged human? I do not understand the logic here.

      • Sofie • 9 years ago

        I don’t think Evan was lying – I think one of the things the aliens did when supercharging humans was make them believe they really were aliens. Since Ringer got the implant after already knowing about the aliens, her memory didn’t alter. But when Evan “woke up”, it was just the implant activating, giving him fake knowledge about what he was.

  • Raquel • 10 years ago

    Definitely the most shocking was the oh you know small fact that EVAN IS NOT AN ALIEN!!! Aliens were NEVER on Earth! That is just…biggest plot twist of all time! That really messed me up!

    • Lauren8651 • 10 years ago

      I agree… especially given that it doesn’t follow hardly any of the stories or logic that we had been fed in book 1 or at the start of this book. I feel frustrated.

  • Raquel • 10 years ago

    Ok beside that massive plot twist. I honestly was not very fond of Ringer in the first book because too me she wasn’t much of a bad ass, she was more serious and restricted, but by the end of this book I did warm up to her some. Mostly because she let herself be a bit more open. I’m still not in love with her but I have come around to liking her. She became more…human? I don’t know how to explain but I definitely sensed she has changed a bit in her character traits. And Razor. Wow. Such an awesome guy. I loved him because of how he was and because he got Ringer to be less uptight…and then cruel Rick Yancey ripped him away from us! His death was enough to leave a small ache inside me.

  • Avatar photo
    Saul Marquez • 10 years ago

    My big question is: Can we trust Vosch? He seems to be the one rooting for this idea that the aliens were never in human bodies. What do you guys think?

    Apart from that:
    I would have liked to see a bit more Cassie. She seemed to take a backseat in this one. But like Raquel said, I’m happy we got to see Ringer do a lot more stuff. She was awesome! 🙂

    • Raquel • 10 years ago

      I actually never got that. If Vosch is a human, why in the heck is he on the aliens’ side? It doesn’t make sense. And also if Evan is after all actually human, how did he get inside Cassie’s body in the 5th Wave? The part in which there is no place where she begins and he ends. How is that possible if Evan isn’t Alien?

      • Wendy • 10 years ago

        I think Evan was in Cassie like Ringer was in Razor when they kissed.

      • Sofie • 9 years ago

        That’s a good point! How did he do that if he isn’t actually an alien, and the implant merely gives him superhuman abilities?

    • Raquel • 10 years ago

      I don’t trust Vosch or what he said about aliens never being here on earth. Maybe there is some truth in what he says but not all of it. Also why would he desperately need Evan if there are more like him? Surely Evan is not the only one “off the grid”

  • Emmi • 10 years ago

    Okay so if there is just a book 3 and this turns out to be a trilogy then its like another mockingjay all over again!
    But come on guys Vosch has to be lying i mean theres no way a human can be on the aliens side and be so cold hearted. Ringers dad was TOTALLY crazy I mean i get the whole virus taking over his brain part be srsly. Poor Ringer I liked that we finally got to see why she is so harsh on everything. Poundcakes story was so hard to read I was nearly in tears and I am glad that that we finally get to see what its like for the rest of bens crew! BTW is teacup dead like do you think they could have fied her again made her alive after she was shot like they did back at the camp place or do you think she just did die? WOW I AM RAMBLING! x

  • Rebecca Williams • 10 years ago

    I really dont understand what up with Vosh? And seriously why would you kill Razor?! Like he and ringer were so good together their like Cassie and Evan! Ringer said to razor “Now we are even” after they kissed and so did Cassie to Evan! Honselty is don’t think Razor is dead, like theres no way for him to be alive but that’s the same with Evan in the 5th wave he blew up a building! And survived! I think their needs to be more of Cassie! Tbh I don’t really like Ben, and how he got so angry when Evan woke up! He’s jealous! Like imagine when he finds out what happens with ringer and razor! Well if he does :/ like he liked ringer and ringer liked him even though they didn’t acknowledge that in the book it was kind of obvious in the beginning. And OMG the ending! With Cassie and Evan! Like seriously enough with the cliff hangers! Why does he always have to kill off the best characters! Like I think they needed more of Crisco in the 5th wave! And he blew Razor up! Like how rude! I recon he should make it not a trilogy because then it’s gonna be like hunger games. I have no problem with hunger games but I’m just over trilogy’s. Like at least make it more than 3 possibly 4 ipwould be fantastic! In the 5th wave I i didnt really like ringer but now she’s like one of my favourite characters! She’s like exactly like Cassie they are so similar! And they are the same when they are with boys like how Cassie acted with Evan and ringer with Razor! I agree with you Raquel! if there’s a third book it needs to be as thick as actually The House of Hades in The heroes of olympus (sequel series to PJO) coz that’s like really thick! Thicker than Harry potter! And if he ends it in a cliff hanger again I’m going to die no joke! I need to know what happens!!!

  • Haille • 10 years ago

    I just finished The Infinite Sea and I died a little inside for Teacup, Poundcake, and Razor as well!

    I noticed a lot of comments about the confusion of the ending and figured I give my two cents 😉 Evan didn’t lie about being an alien or the thousands of years knowing Grace (by the way I hate her!) because that is what he honestly thinks because of the brainwashing with the owls/birds.

    I was totally in love with Evan and Cassie from the start so I am glad that ratuonship wasnt shattered like my heart every time I thought he died. I wanted Ringer and Ben for such a long time but now I am leaning towards a crazy resurrection of Razor so they can be together. Cutest kids moment ever!

    I am left questiong Vosch’s role, what happened to Poundcake’s brother, Ringer’s relationships in the future, and if there is a chance Grace survived the explosion. There is much more but I should cut it off now! Haha I love these books too much!

    • Haille • 10 years ago

      OMG so many autocorrect mistakes!

    • Sofia • 9 years ago

      poundcake’s brother was the little boy of the prologe.

  • Michelle Swift • 10 years ago

    OMG OMG OMG this series/trilogy/whatever changed my life I loved The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea sooooo much, I’m more than excited to get my hands on the third. (and very hopefully not the last, unless its a pretty long book and it ends and wraps things up pretty well and doesn’t leave a gaping hole in my soul) I’m really hoping to see a lot more of Cassie and Evan as well as their development together, I also really really hope we get a big mushy romantic scene with them. *o* <3 Kind of like Ringer's little scene with Razor, but much bigger lol. That got me fangirling quite a bit. I hope Cassie warms up to him and trusts him more. Don't get me started on the upcoming movie, CANNOT wait! Now anyways, about The Infinite Sea, I absolutely loved it, even though I would have liked to see more of Cassie's perspective she kind of took the backseat on this one but seeing more of Ringer's experience was interesting nonetheless. I felt bad for Poundcake, he had such a sad backstory as well as a noble death, so sad. Grace: Hated her, so much, ew. The whole thing about Ringer's theory on the Other's intentions is still taking me some time to wrap my mind around, plot twist man. And my favorite part of the book, Evan came back to Cassie in the end, he's not deadddddddddd yay! Now don't "kill" him again I don't know if I can handle it lmao. XD Now… I wait for the third.

  • Lucía • 10 years ago


  • Haley • 10 years ago

    So what I believe to be happening with Vosch is that he knows EVERYTHING. The people such as Evan, and Grace, they aren’t actually others. They are humans, who have been programmed and brainwashed to believe they are something they are not, which is others. Evan is NOT an other, he is purely an enhanced human, who believes he is other, because that is what was implanted in him. Vosch is an enhanced human, who KNOWS he isn’t other, yet still helps the others destroy humanity. This is why Ringer says “If you are human, all hope is lost”, because she realizes that Vosch knows everything. He does not believe he is other, he knows he is just an enhanced human, like all the rest of the silencers, yet this does not stop him from treating humans like vermin.
    Honestly, I really enjoyed Ringers and Evans POV. Ringer is much more calculating than Cassie, and she also doesn’t flash back as much as Cassie, because she lives very much in the present. Although I understand why everyone wants more Evan and Cassie scenes (SHE STILL HASNT SAID ILY EVAN), I thought that the 1st book had that pretty much covered. Like entire sections devoted to their love story. Guys, this is the apocalypse, they aint got time for that. I also thought it was only right that Razor died, because he betrayed Ringer. He redeems himself by setting her free, but she would never be able to forgive him for killing Teacup, so it only makes sense that he would die. Anyway, we all know Rick is saving Ringer for Ben.

    • Shiela • 9 years ago

      I totally agree with you about Rick Yancey saving Ringer for Ben. Razor is nice(though he betrayed her at first) but Im not sold out with their relationship. I mean, what happened to Ringer and Ben?

    • Shiela • 9 years ago

      I totally agree with you about Rick Yancey saving Ringer for Ben. Razor is nice(though he betrayed her at first) but Im not sold out with their relationship. I mean, what happened to Ringer and Ben? It cant just end there just because of Razor. The way Ben says hers name, the way Ringer describes him its like something deep w/n it and it cant just end there -.-

  • Candice H • 10 years ago

    Holy crap!! The last 30 pages of the Infinite Sea were the most intense and insane part of the entire series so far. My head was literally spinning. So many plot twists! I honestly don’t know what to really think now…I am definitely a whole lot of confused. First off, how the hell did Evan survive that explosion?! Especially if his “enhanced” system supposedly failed. If he survived that, Grace definitely did too. Her character added a lot of drama and was way too good of an antagonist for her to be gone for good. I honestly don’t know what I feel about Vosch and the others…Ringer’s theory was definitely interesting and puts a HUGE spin on things. If there were never any real aliens there to begin with, does that mean that vosch and everyone else in charge are really just evil human scientists who wanted to wipe out most of the world and start over with all of the enhanced, super humans like Evan and now Ringer? But if that’s true, what about the mothership that has been clearly visible in the sky since the first wave? Is it even there or just some sort of hologram, optical illusion thing to trick everyone into believing that it’s there?? I honestly feel like this whole series could just be one HUGE metaphor about humanity and how evil and destructive our world has become. We have always wondered about the possibility of life on other planets and an impending alien invasion, but perhaps Yancey is trying to say that humans have become the real “aliens” and we ourselves are capable enough to destroy our own planet. Crazy stuff!! It’s a lot to think about. I can’t wait for the third book!

  • Ian • 10 years ago

    Couldn’t razor have just killed vosh? Everyone would still be alive

  • Desiree • 10 years ago

    I know this may sound a but nutty, but it seems like time is a continuing theme in the book, is it possible that Vosh is from the future and they are preparing humans for something that is coming? The waves are there to dwindle down the population to those who can survive the enhancements to help them fight whatever is coming next. ???? Just a theory.

  • Desiree • 10 years ago

    Maybe Vosh really isn’t the bad guy that we have all come to hate!?!? Is is possible that he really is trying to save Humanity? Mind blown!

  • aj • 9 years ago

    I dont understand what is going on, the first book was so much better. This book is so slow.

    • Emma Armstrong • 9 years ago

      The second book is always abit slow when it comes to trilogies, don’t worry though Rick is working on the third book so I’m hoping it’ll clear everything or at least most things up 🙂

  • April Alford • 9 years ago

    Does anyone know if there is going to be a 3rd book? I can’t seem to find anything definitive. 🙁

    • Emma Armstrong • 9 years ago

      Rick is actually writing the third book possibly as we speak! You should follow him on Twitter, he posts new quotes of “5W3” now and then and does a good Q&A 🙂

  • Juliette • 9 years ago

    I hoestly think that in the prologe the little toddler in the wheat feild that the group of strangers found was poundcake’s brother

    • Emma Armstrong • 9 years ago

      Omg I never thought about that before, I think you’re right 🙁

  • Kiranana • 9 years ago

    I hate the ending. All this reading and getting absorbed into the fatasy of the story, the creation of this allien invasion of the world, …… and then bang. Their are no aliens invading? No I do not like this at all. It leaves to much of a soure taste in my mind.

  • Kiranana • 9 years ago

    The ending makes me not want to read the next book

  • Annie • 9 years ago

    THIS BOOK WAS MIND BLOWING!!! I loved it so much! Though there still are so many questions, I hope we get all the answers in the third book.
    Before reading The infinite sea, I reread The 5th wave and I came across something that was very confusing to me. In ‘The Winnowing’, when we hear Sammy’s story, in the last chapter Dr. Pam tells him that the little silver disk (which Parker used on the bus) is NOT a thermometer and that it says who (or what) he is. When I read this, I was very confused, because if what she said was true, why did they take Megan and made a living bomb out of her and not Sammy and other ‘Reds’. What was wrong with Greens? If we believe Dr. Pam, the Greens where aliens. But Dr Pam is an alien herself (or thinks that she is one =D) and why would aliens kill Greens? At first i thought, that Greens were just humans and Reds were aliens, Sammy may have been an alien (but he wasn’t ‘awoken’ yet, because he is too young), But than we see Cassie go through the same steps as Sammy and when Parker “measures her temperature”, it also shows red and we know that Cassie is human. So what does green or red light mean?
    They don’t mention those green and red lights in The infinite sea and I’m so curious! Please share your thoughts.

    • Someone • 8 years ago

      I just reread the 5th wave and had the same question. It could be that the green shows who is immune to the Red Tsunami disease and who isn’t. Cassie and Sammy are both obviously immune, and Megan seemed pretty sickly on the bus, meaning she might not have been immune.

  • Rebecca Williams • 9 years ago

    Tbh I’ve been seeing he comments about Razor dying so Ringer can be with Ben. That could happen but after all Ringer just went through I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Also Ringer said to Razor after she kissed him twice (key word: twice) ‘now we’re even’ and he said no I only kissed you once. The same thing happen with Evan and Cassie and they all thought Evan was dead but Cassie. I reckon that Ben will be really jealous of Razor when Ringer tells them about him, yet Cassie and Evan will understand. BTW Grace aggrrr she irritates me so much! I think Evan and Cassie should’ve had more romance in the second book, but Ringer and Razor came so that was awesome. Honestly I ship soo hard in this trilogy Ringer and Razor and Cassie and Evan. I dont know why but I don’t really like Ben, he assumes too much and is too demanding. I can’t wait this long for the 3rd Book ahhhh!!! Love this series I’m gonna re read it!!

  • Caty • 9 years ago

    Okay im emotionally unstable right now, like you write about Poundcake’s past and whats he’s been though and then you go ahead and just kill him. no no no no no n o w h y!?!!?

  • christiana • 9 years ago

    The second book was way better than the first!! the only thing Where iam worried about is If Razor isnt dead. I loved ringer and him together. I was realy pissed off because of the ending with them….. But if you could see it like this: cassie fell in love with evan. First she did not trust him, later she does but not completely untill he saves her but leaves her at the end. She thought he was dead but he wasnt. And Ringer did not trust Razor too in the beginning but later she does but not completely (just like Evan and Cassie) but later she really trust him after all. Ringer thought problaly now too that Alex was dead, and we don’t know for sure if he’s alive or dead…. My point is: if theres a connection between Cassie, Evan and Ringer, Razor/Alex, why is it not possible that Razor is problaly alive just like Evan (what we found out in this book and not the first one ;). ) but we would only find out if we would read the third book. Maybe theres a little change that Alex is still alive :). I really hope that Rick does the same thing with Razor just like he did with evan 🙂 🙂 :). Iam for Marika and Alex forEVER!!

  • christiana • 9 years ago

    Just think about it 😉
    Btw, sorry for my english, iam from Holland 😉 🙂

  • Sofia • 9 years ago

    i really enjoy the infinite sea, but I am confuse Razor kill Teacup? right? why? orders or he confuse I don’t get it ?
    i still ship razor and ringer <3

  • Gary • 9 years ago

    I think it was just another manipulation by vosch. Making ringer think he is a enhanced human would make her want to stop evan. If he really is human why would he even care about evan and his knowledge? Why would they implant the silencers with the knowledge of thier plans and ways to stop them? Why not just “awaken” them to the fact there aliens and they need to kill humans, no details needed. He either knows hes human and dosent care. Or in my opinion knows he isnt and the only way to stop evan is to make someone like him to stop him. “we’ve run tests” he says before the implantation. Why would he need to run tests if they made silencers before. Granted that was in vitro fertilazation. Regardless, Vosch is the bad guy, alien or not. In my opinion the fact that Evan Walker is out there makes him nervous. Besides isnt that what the “Others” do best, lies within lies. Course we will have to wait til May 16, 2016 (The Last Star) to find out.

  • Jay • 9 years ago

    So here’s my thought on the plot twist.

    There never were any aliens, at least not in the sense of coming from a different planet. They are all human, except the “others” are from the future. They have been watching the earth for 10,000 years because that is where they came from. They have developed technology that allows them to bend space and time and they know what will happen to the Earth if the humans are left to their own devices. The Earth will be consumed, like the rats in the hotel. The Earth is consumed, over time until it can no longer support human life. Technology advances in the future to the point that the human conscience is stored external to the Human body. Thus the statement that they have been around for 10,000 years is true, The statement that they do not need a human host to survive, is true. But they want bodies, they want the Earth. They could have killed all humans but that would have left them without hosts. They have had to use lies and deception because of the risk of merging a present conscience with a future conscience. They need those that remain to be sympathetic of their cause, what ever they choose that cause to be, so that the present and the future consciousness will be accepting of one another.

    “You have to burn the field, to save the crops”

    P.S. This is not a love story.

  • madison • 9 years ago

    Okay so I thought I had a lot of it figured out but I was reading comments and decided I needed a reread. the prologue in the 5th wave talks about how an owl comes to a woman an sleeping child.it says that not the woman or husband but the child would awaken. the child was still in her stomache. if all the “aliens” are actually human than how would they make them believe that without acctually ever touching them. I think that the majority of humans are now inhabited by alien “consicsness” like how Evan entered cassie. humans can’t kill them because then there’s not enough humans left to survive.

  • madison • 9 years ago

    Oh and I can’t believe they killed razor. I’m pretty sure he still has to be alive and pound cakes story kills me. I don’t think ben an ringer will be together if razor lives if not then they will but I honestly believe he lived.also Sammy really bothered me in infinite sea. I don’t think he should be like that to cassie. I also think I’ll miss tea cup. she was hard to like for awhile b it her death was unfair. it put ringer through so much and she still died. I don’t think she’ll be back though

  • MidnightTheAlphaWolf • 9 years ago

    I ship Bessie so much!

  • Arnaldo Valdéz • 9 years ago

    I’ll never forget Rick Yancey for killing Teacup. She’ve deserved more :'(

  • Josesuma Moctezuma • 8 years ago

    How was the truth of the Others revealed?????!!!

  • Jay • 8 years ago

    I reread books 1 and 2. First, this is STILL not a love story and I so wish that everyone would stop pining over potential relationships here. Second, I still believe that the “others” are us from the future. Think of a Dystopian Society, the way that they control the people is by making them believe a false truth. At the end of the day, everything thing they have done is meant to create a false reality so that they can control who/what is left and retain the planet.

  • Anonymous • 8 years ago

    I was thinking the same thing

  • Libby Grace • 8 years ago

    I just finished “The Infinite Sea” and I needed to find somewhere to ask this question… Does anyone else really dislike Evan or is it just me? I can’t stand him. I went to see “The 5th Wave” with my mum yesterday and she referred to him as ‘Mr Wonderful’ because she thinks he’s too smooth. So that’s my question. Do you guys like Evan?

    • Laura tvd • 8 years ago

      I do like Evan but no at the same time. I mean I think he’s a good guy and he did good thinks and he treats Cassie really well but he’s too perfect for me and he was a stalker in the beginning and he shot Cassie. I don’t trust him but I know he will end with Cassie and he will be a good character in all the books. But to me he’s too perfect and I don’t feel closer to this character idk

    • Tori • 8 years ago

      I don’t really like Evan either. I’ve been shipping Ben and Cassie since the first book.

    • Abby • 8 years ago

      AHHH!! I feel so out of place here for a different reason. I don’t like Ben but everyone else I’ve talked about this book with loves him!

    • Junebug • 8 years ago

      Nah never liked him that much I really think he should’ve stayed dead the second time he ‘died’.
      The whole miraculous survival thing with Evan was acceptable the first time but has gotten ridiculous imo. How could he get out of the hotel when a.) his enhancement system has crashed b.) he was severely injured and c.) not even Grace could escape? There is no way he ran out of it or jumped out of the window and there was not enough time for him to slowly walk out of it plus how could he walk with a shattered ankle and at least stage 2 burns it just doesn’t make any sense.