Tower of Dawn Cover Reveal!

With only three months to go until publication, we are finally given the cover for Tower of Dawn!

I don’t doubt you all remember the exciting news of a Chaol novella – nor did you miss that Sarah J. Maas’ incredible talent turned that novella into a full novel. It’s probably safe to assume that you have been on tenterhooks awaiting the cover reveal…so wait no longer!

The beautiful covers, courtesy of worldofsarahjmaas.com

What do you think? I personally like that blue is the base colour – it sets the book apart from the rest of the series. It also matches The Assassin’s Blade which makes the perfectionist within me very happy indeed.


On her Instagram, Sarah revealed that the cover is “is chock full of little secrets/hints” about the novel, and that she is “absolutely obsessed” with it. She mentions that she’ll be talking a little about the aforementioned secrets in her upcoming newsletter – so keep an eye out for that!

It is worth remembering that Tower of Dawn is not the continuation of the Throne of Glass series, but is considered to be “Volume II of ToG5” by the author herself. It follows Chaol’s adventures during the time of Empire of Storms. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting more and more excited for this novel as September moves ever closer.

Thank you for being kind to each other!

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