REVIEW: ‘Betty and Veronica: The Bond of Friendship’ by Jamie Lee Rotante is a heart-warming story


This adorable YA graphic novel will have readers feeling nostalgic for the original ‘Archie’ comics.

My two favorite Archie characters, Betty and Veronica, are here to show readers that despite their differences their friendship is unbreakable.

From the Blurb:

There are a number of truths in Riverdale — Archie Andrews will forever be clumsy and love-struck, Jughead Jones has an appetite that can never be satiated, Pop’s will always serve the best burgers and shakes and Betty and Veronica will be best friends no matter what comes between them. This series explores the unbreakable bond that allows Betty and Veronica’s friendship to withstand the tests of space and time.

It’s career day at Riverdale High School. (Archie Comic Publications)

Betty and Veronica are excited to attend their school’s career fair and sit on various speakers’ panels. Their first stop is a local senator as she tells the students how she came into her position and all the hardships she endured.

A local senator begins telling her story of how she decided to be a politician. (Archie Comic Publications).

The illustrations in this graphic novel are phenomenal. Each art panel truly helped this story come alive. My favorites were the way each speaker was portrayed. I felt just as inspired as Betty and Veronica were.

The girls fantasize about the different paths their lives could take depending on the speaker they visit throughout the day. From becoming the next co-presidents, working at NASA, celebrities, and superheroes, Betty and Veronica’s dreams come alive in different ways.

Betty and Veronica as they fantasize about being celebrities in their future. (Archie Comic Publications).

This is where we begin to see how different they are from one another. For readers who aren’t familiar with Betty and Veronica, I think this story could be a bit confusing. There isn’t a lot of character introduction or development. It feels as if this was made strictly for fans of the old Archie comics. The reader is expected to know who the girls are, as well as the side characters, since both Archie and Jughead make cameos.

As for readers who know the characters of Archie comics then you’ll be happily surprised by the way Jamie Lee Rotante made this a more modern story of Betty and Veronica. It’s more diverse and I appreciated this. Also, despite how the two girls were more rivals in the original comics, it is the complete opposite in this story.

In each fantasy, they both naturally drift apart after high school but somehow the two choose the same career path, even if it is in opposite ways. Their unbreakable bond seems to hold firm and brings the girls back together to achieve their dreams side-by-side and encouraging each other until the very end. It was extremely heart-warming.

Overall, Betty and Veronica: The Bond of Friendship is a story that will put a smile on your face. With Jamie Lee Rotante’s fun dialect and modern take on deeply loved characters paired with the lively illustrations, readers are sure to enjoy this story! Betty and Veronica are here to show young girls that there are endless possibilities for their future and they have plenty of time to decide which path to take.

Adorable with vibrant illustrations

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