REVIEW: Mind Games by Teri Terry


A fast-paced, exciting (occasionally frustrating) but captivating novel.

A fast-paced, exciting, and occasionally frustrating novel – Teri Terry still manages to captivate me in this 433 page wonder.

The blurb:

Luna has a secret. She is different, but no one must find out.
Because in this world you must play their game, or it could cost you your life.
Will Luna discover her true destiny in time to save the one she loves?

For those of you who have not heard the name ‘Teri Terry’ before, I strongly suggest you look her up. And read the Slated trilogy because…wow.

As for Mind Games I have to say I wasn’t entirely sold on the novel once I’d started reading it. For me, it felt almost too fast-paced. One minute you’re in her house; the next the whole world has been turned upside-down and there are new characters left, right, and centre.

However, despite the feeling of being rushed through the novel (something that could easily be to do with my fast-paced reading) I cannot deny that I ended up completely immersed and ‘plugged-in’ to this story. You can’t help but root for Luna, and often end up seeing things from her point of view. In general, her character was written very well. I felt I understood her emotions (for the most part) and why she did what she did. There were some elements that seemed perhaps a little too obvious, or a little too simplified, but the overall effect was good.
The other characters were also written well. Most had multiple dimensions to them that weren’t necessarily guessable. They surprised me, and the relationships built between them all was not only realistic, but enjoyable and emotionally engaging.

I love dystopian novels at the moment, and this is a good one to add to your collection. It’s one of the few that takes you from the perspective of believing the ruling body is right, to realising the twisted things they are doing behind their perfect exterior. I enjoyed watching Luna realise what was happening, and it was effective in reminding you not to believe everything you see or hear; that questioning is okay and even beneficial in some cases.

I liked the message about technology too, I thought it cleverly reminded you to experience the world outside of technology, and that for all it’s wonderful assets, there are downsides to it too.

I have absolutely no regrets in picking up this book, despite the minor issues of simplicity and fast-pacing in some parts. There was also one minor incident of Teri Terry referencing Slated although I can’t quite work out whether that was cringe-worthy or sweetly done. Why not pick up a copy and see for yourself?

A worthwhile read


This is a book that is well-worth reading. With beautiful characters and an interesting plot, this fast-paced novel will have you laughing and crying. A slight improvement on writing is perhaps needed, but the author’s clear talent still shines through.

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