Welcome to the new Bookstacked

Here’s what you need to know about our brand new website.


Bookstacked’s been kicking it in the YA book community since 2014 — we’re getting old. So in an attempt to capture some of our youth, we’re rolling out a brand new design that we think better represents the content we cover.

So welcome to our new home! Let’s take a quick tour, shall we?

Home Page

The home page is a lot like our past home page, with three stories above the fold. But now we’re also emphasizing our writers more than before, displaying them in the sidebar to the left. We hope you’ll get to know us better!

A little birdie also told us that many of you like our YA book podcast. We’re giving you quick access to what you want by placing the latest episodes of Bookmarked beneath our top articles.


We’ve revamped our article pages. You’ll notice they’re simpler and faster to load (no more blinking sidebar — that was our bad!) ⚡️

But now a moment of silence for Disqus.

That’s right, Disqus is no more on Bookstacked. We loved the platform and have used it pretty much since the beginning. But as the website has grown (and it’s grown a lot in 2020), services like Disqus have started requesting payment. Can’t pay? Then buckle up for ads. Ads everywhere. Big, ugly, nasty ads.

(Seriously, they’re not even the good ads, they’re the bad ones.)

So we said no thank you and now we’re on a different, simpler platform. It’s not as high-tech as Disqus, but — hey — you can still comment using your Twitter handle.

A better mobile experience

If you’ve browsed our website on your mobile device previously … we’re sorry about that. 🙈

And there’s more to come

You’ll be seeing a new logo on our website in the next week or so. We’ll tweak the style of some of our social media outlets soon too, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We hope you enjoy the site!

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