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Bookstacked is brought to you by an international team of book readers who understand fandom and the need to read “just one more chapter” — even if it’s 3 a.m. Book journalism is our thing. 😎


Editor-in-Chief Saul Marquez


Interim News Editor Saul Marquez

News Writer Mary Dempsey
News Writer Davion Moore

Book Reviews

Book Reviews Editor Eleanor Maher

Book Reviewer Kristy Mauna
Book Reviewer Brigitte Herron
Book Reviewer Sadie Collins


Features Editor Addie Alvarez
Features Editor Britani Overman

Features Writer Michael Burns
Features Writer Spencer Miller


Producer Saul Marquez

Co-host, Bookmarked Addie Alvarez
Co-host, Bookmarked Michael Burns
Co-host, Bookmarked Mary Dempsey
Co-host, Bookmarked Kristy Mauna
Co-host, Bookmarked Eleanor Maher

Social Media

Social Media Guru Mary Sanders

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