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Who Are We?

Bookstacked’s staff team is made up of book lovers like you!  We’re an international group of reading enthusiasts who can be found from Australia to Mexico and America to the United Kingdom.  What brings us together is our passion for talking about the authors, stories, and characters we love.

Let’s Be Friends!
Saul Marquez
Saul is an undergraduate student at Brigham Young University studying news media, writing and rhetoric, and French. He is the founder of Bookstacked and a regular host on the podcast Bookmarked. He loves books and Harry Potter way too much.
Features Editor
A 20-something year old fangirl with too many fandoms and not enough time. I like taking road trips to Los Angeles. I love to bake, read, watch Netflix and dance to Taylor Swift.
News Writer
Hi I'm Ally and I have been a Harry Potter fan for as long as I can remember! As well as loving reading, I am also a massive musical theatre nerd.
Features Writer
Big reader with medium-sized dreams. I can usually be found listening to music, spilling unknown facts, or locked away in my room with a bestseller.
Book Reviewer
I’m a modern-day drifter who has lived and traveled all over the east coast. When I’m not reading and writing, I can be found binge-watching Netflix, drinking Starbucks, daydreaming, and playing video games. The quote I live by is "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
Britani Overman
Features Editor
Britani has a bachelor's in English Literature and loves analyzing novels, tv shows, and movies. You can find her geeking out over the meaning behind any story. She also loves traveling, dogs, food, and anything art relate
Book Reviews Editor
Eleanor is an undergraduate student studying English Literature at university in England. She aspires to be an author and currently spends most of her time reading.
Josh Lontoc
Book Reviewer
As a Language and Literature major, books have always been my best friends. I love the scent and feel of their pages, and I am utterly amazed by their words which transport me to different places. Overall, I fancy all kinds of YA books, but I am particularly fond of fantasy, sci-fi, and contemporary novels.
Book Reviewer & BookTube Writer
A girl with a big imagination and a whole shelf of books. 16 year old professional reader, movie watcher and geek.
Book Reviewer
"And she is the reader who browses the shelf and looks for new worlds but finds herself." - I'm a writer who enjoys telling you all about the things I love, which include a lot of books.
Lauren Correia
Book Reviewer & Feature Writer
Lauren is a self proclaimed "serial reader" who enjoys most things literary. When not nose deep in a new novel you can find her teaching ballroom dancing or working on a new crochet project.
Writer, Aussie, and a fellow fangirl of many books, tv shows and movies!
News Writer
I love books and music, specifically Harry Potter, Twilight and Jesse McCartney. Glee is my favorite show, Sound of Music is my favorite musical. My ULTIMATE OTP is Hinny, although I do love Romione, Stydia, Clace and Bella and Edward. I'd major in fangirl but they don't have that major at my college, so instead it's English.
Features Writer
Reader. Writer. Dreamer. Professional Tall Person! Let's be friends!
News Writer
I love reading! I love that books can take you anywhere. Make you fall in love, visit places outside of your reality. Everytime I finish a book I feel like I leave a part of my soul in it. Im from Mexico and a fangirl for life!
Megan Zoelling
News Writer
A wannabe Shadowhunter and diehard Jane Austen fan.
Bookstacked Alumni

Bookstacked is proud to have worked with its past contributors.

Book Reviewer
"It's never just a book..." Hi, I'm Angus and I live to read. Cassandra Clare is my favourite author but i read just about anything YA. I also enjoy filmmaking. Click here to check out my YouTube channel!
Book Reviewer
"It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone." Books are a light in my life. I may or may not consider myself a bookaholic. Someday I hope to become a published author, and I'm currently working on a book right now!
News Writer
I am the weirdest person you will ever meet. I love books, movies and music and I aspire to be like JLaw because who wouldn't?