Shadowhunters 2B Fan Predictions – Absurd or Outright Genius?

The Shadowhunters plot is getting crazier and so are the latest fan theories. Here’s what the die hards have to say.


You thought you knew the shadow world, but after reading some of the latest season 2B predictions, you’ll question everything you know.

From its birth, Shadowhunters has taken the characters we know and love from Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series, and added a more mature, twisted plot. With season 2, the writers of Shadowhunters have taken the show’s plot even further from its source, leaving the fandom anxious and on their toes.

After season 2A’s gut wrenching finale, fans seem to expect season 2B’s direction to shift from dark, to darker, especially since the casting reveal of Sebastian Verlac (played by Will Tudor). Recently released stills from the upcoming season are adding to the anticipation.

Source: Hidden Remote

Put your brain at ease, we’ve compiled a few fan theories to hold you over until the June 5th season premiere. Put your Cassandra Clare books away, put the pen and notebook down, and grab your favorite pillow to scream into, because these theories will surely blow your mind.

Character Development

Some think Max’s sexuality will be revealed after some interesting tweets from showrunner, Todd Slavkin. WHAT CAN THOSE HASHTAGS MEAN?!


Was Aldertree actually Sebastian in disguise? It wouldn’t be the first time someone has used the shape shifting rune…


Plot Lines

Some fans, like Van, know our deepest desires and present their theories with images and gifs. Who wouldn’t want another picture of our beautiful cast to gaze at?


Will there be a Malec fight…

… or sexy time?

The world will never know what to expect… until June 5th that is.

What are your season predictions – do you think Malec will live happily ever after? Will Sebastian be the greatest, or worst, thing to happen to our beloved shadow squad? Post your predictions in the comments below, or tweet them to us at @ShadowhuntersHQ. In the meantime, stay sane, Angels!

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