Five reasons to read ‘Witchshadow’ by Susan Dennard

This ‘Witchshadow’ sample has me so excited!


Susan Dennard’s Witchlands fantasy series returns next week with Witchshadow, this time recounting the story of Iseult. This is a book that’s bound to make waves.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a sample of Witchshadow by Susan Dennard ahead of its publication and it blew me away! Though it was a struggle to remember what led to certain events at times, reconnecting with some of my favourite characters was so fun!

Here are my favourite reasons to pick up the book.

Iseult is in the spotlight

More than any character, this is Iseult’s book to shine. Finally comfortable with her powers, she is determined to see this through and find Safi. It’s that determination that carries her through the thick of it and shows how far she’s come as a character compared to the beginning of the series. While never as brash as Safi, the two begin to resemble each other as their desperation to reunite grows once again.

We explore Safi as a character

Unlike Iseult, Safi gets quieter. She’s learned a lot over the course of her journey and she applies all that to escaping her latest situation. She’s cold, calculating and far more patient than Safi from the first book but she also stops to consider those around her. Her world includes more than Iseult now and her actions reflect this.

The relationship between Safi and Iseult

Their friendship continues to be at the heart of the series. After being separated early on, they’re desperate to be with each other again and it’s a feeling that shadows their every chapter. It’s rare to see this kind of friendship in a YA novel, and even rarer that it doesn’t get overshadowed by various love interests, so I loved that Dennard kept this going to the end.

‘Witchshadow’ by Susan Dennard (Tor Teen)

The expansive world

Yet again, Dennard expands her world throughout the story. While the snippets of history hint at a far greater overarching plot to the series, there isn’t enough to fully satisfy. Instead, this keeps readers guessing and eager to turn the page. Like previous books, Dennard adds to her world, making it even more expansive and immersive.

An unexpected relationship

When two characters were thrust together at the end of the last book, I didn’t expect much to come from it. However, Witchshadow develops their relationship into something akin to friendship. Each character slowly drops their walls for the other, hinting at the possibility of a much deeper connection between the two. Since I was delightfully surprised by who these two characters were, I’ll be keeping them nameless to avoid spoilers.

There are many reasons to pick up Witchshadow by Susan Dennard, but these stood out to me. The writing continues to be fast-paced and dynamic while the plot looks to be so exciting. This latest installment of The Witchlands series has a lot going for it and Dennard lets the reader know from the very first chapters.

I’m absolutely hooked and I can’t wait to get my hands on the full book soon!

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