Rainbow Rowell unveils details about ‘Any Way the Wind Blows’ B&N Special Edition

Special edition copies will be treated with an alternative cover.


Fans finally have an early look at the Any Way the Wind Blows special edition, which will be exclusively available at Barnes & Noble.

Carry On author Rainbow Rowell unveiled the cover design along with some other details on Tuesday. The cover is done by artist Kevin Wada, who did the cover for the standard edition as well as the covers for the standard and special editions of Wayward Son.

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Check it out:

‘Any Way the Wind Blows’ (Special Edition from Barnes & Noble) by Rainbow Rowell (Wednesday Books)

The differences between the special edition cover and the standard cover aren’t drastic. Most noteworthy are the colors. The font color is different, as is the color of the backdrop. Fans will also notice the silhouette in the background is different. That’s London in the background, according to Rowell.

Fans who want a closer look at both covers can see them below:

Covers from ‘Any Way the Wind Blows’ by Rainbow Rowell (Wednesday Books)

Aside from the alternate cover, readers should expect full-colored illustrated endpapers in their special edition copies of Any Way the Wind Blows. The illustrations, by artist Kristafer Anka, haven’t been released yet, but Anka did the endpaper illustrations for Wayward Son, which are visible on the Barnes & Noble website.

Endplate from ‘Wayward Son (B&N Exclusive Edition)’ by Rainbow Rowell (Barnes & Noble)

The Any Way the Wind Blows special edition copy will be released July 6, 2021, along with the publication of the standard copies.

Are you planning to pick up a copy of Any Way the Wind Blows?

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