Legend Book 4: Marie Lu unveils gorgeous ‘Rebel’ book cover

If we’re judging this book by its cover, then it’s safe to say it’s going to be amazing.


Rebel by Marie Lu — which promises to be the fourth book in the Legend series — might still be months away from its release, but the book cover offers plenty for fans to gawk over.

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Lu unmasked the cover over the weekend via an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Like its predecessors, the book features a strong symbol at its center — this time the metallic outline of a butterfly. However, the grungy look from the previous books is absent, instead replaced with a vibrant powdery explosion.

“So much of this book is about different kinds of strength and weakness,” Lu told Entertainment Weekly in her interview. “I love the pairing of something fragile, like a butterfly, with something sharp and strong, like metal. I think it fits the story perfectly.”

Check out the cover of Rebel by Marie Lu:

'Rebel' by Marie Lu book cover

‘Rebel’ by Marie Lu as unveiled by Entertainment Weekly. (Macmillan Children’s Publishing)

For reference, here are the covers of the previous books:

Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu

Book covers from the Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu. (Macmillan’s Children Publishing)

Lu originally intended for the books to be a trilogy but left the ending open for a fourth, according to her interview.

“While I always knew there was a separate book spinning that involved Antarctica and the aftermath of Legend’s events, it took me a while to find that story,” she said. “I wanted it to satisfy the trilogy’s readers, something that answers all of the questions they’ve had over the years.”

Rebel will focus on Eden, the younger brother of Day, one of the original heroes from the Legend Trilogy. But Day is still expected to play a pivotal role in the book. You can read the full synopsis of Rebel here.

The fourth Legend book was first announced last fall, with the cover and plot revealed in February. It’s expected to land on shelves this October. Fans can pre-order Rebel via Macmillan’s website.

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