Episode • April 23, 2020

Show Notes

So why are so many adults reading YA anyway?


While it’s sometimes a touchy subject, we can all at least agree that adults have a massive impact on how YA is written and discussed. All of us at Bookstacked started reading YA books as teenagers but now that we’re adults, we ask ourselves why we’re still reading YA? In this episode, we dive into the good and the bad when it comes to adults reading YA.

In this episode:

  • So why are so many adults reading YA anyway?
  • Most of us started reading YA when we were teenagers. What’s kept us tied to YA books after all these years?
  • Does the fact that so many adults read YA ruin reading for teens?
  • Where does New Adult fit into all of this?
  • Could New Adult be the solution to some of the confusion around YA?
  • We discuss how some young adult authors approach writing adult fiction.
  • Let’s make the case FOR adults reading YA!

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