Episode • March 26, 2016

Show Notes

The Allegiant movie was weird. We talk about it in our Allegiant movie review on this episode of the podcast.


SPOILER WARNING: There are Allegiant Movie AND BOOK spoilers in this episode! You have been warned!

After months of speculation, rumors, trailers, and talk the ‘Allegiant’ movie finally hit theaters! And was it good? Well, that’s what we’re talking about in this episode! All in all, the movie left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth and it’s got us wondering about the final movie in the series, ‘Ascendant’.

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In this episode…

  • We’ve OFFICIALLY reached a full year of podcasting!
  • To make up for missing our Red Queen podcast, we share our brief thoughts about Victoria Aveyard’s Glass Sword.
  • We give an update on the books we’re reading.
  • Michael couldn’t be on the show, but he left us with his thoughts on the movie!
  • Overall, we weren’t very impressed with the movie.
  • Kristy and Addie enjoyed a number of the actors.
  • We all agree that Four’s action scene was pretty cool.
  • What was up with those creepy showers?
  • Where was Matt Damon?
  • Speaking of Matt Damon, what was up with the Martian landscape?
  • It felt like they dumbed-down Tris in this movie.
  • Did the movie split well?
  • What will ‘Ascendant’ be about?
  • Where was Uriah?
  • That ending scene was… weird.

It’s safe to say that we were weirded out by the movie. In fact, we say the word “weird” over 30  times in this episode. We probably used the words “awkward” and “strange” just as many times in this review.

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