Episode • November 22, 2016

Show Notes

After many months of waiting, we finally saw it and now it’s time to talk about it!


After years of waiting, we’ve finally seen it! J.K. Rowling’s ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ roared into theaters this last weekend and we sat down to talk about all the amazingness in our 18th episode. Join us as we share our favorite characters, beasts and scenes in the film. We also hit on some of the things the movie could have done better and we — of course — throw a bit of speculation in as well. After the many months of anticipation, there’s no denying it: this is one episode we looked forward to recording for a very long time!

In this episode…

  • We jump right into the Fantastic Beasts discussion!
  • Did we like the movie? Did we love the movie?
  • Everyone in Arizona loves Frank the Thunderbird.
  • Saul is once again the downer of the show.
  • Was Newt the Hufflepuff hero the world needed?
  • We also love Credence, Queenie and Jacob!
  • Some people haven’t reacted to Tina very well, but we think she’s great!
  • Dat suitcase tho.
  • Some things weren’t very well developed.
  • We get to that big reveal at the end. Addie wasn’t very happy.
  • We share Bookstacked writers Ally’s and Mary’s comments on the film!
  • We quickly list some theories and developments about future films.
  • How will Jacob get his memories back in Fantastic Beasts 2? We might have an idea…

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