Episode • January 30, 2018

Show Notes



This episode is late (like, really late). It was recorded in November. But rather than trashing the episode, we’re releasing it because we had some good discussion. We share our thoughts on the final Maze Runner movie (before its release), our thoughts on Nicholas Flamel in Fantastic Beasts, a Pokemon Go-style Harry Potter game and whether or not the Red Queen movie is still happening. So while it’s late, we hope you’ll enjoy this episode of Bookmarked!

What to expect in this episode…

  • We say hello to Bookstacked writer Britani, who’s joining the show for the first time!
  • Does the ‘Maze Runner: Death Cure’ movie look good?
  • What’s the future of YA movie franchises? It’s looking bleak.
  • Is the Red Queen Movie still happening? We haven’t heard anything about the movie for a year.
  • We share our experiences trying to buy tickets to ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ in New York City.
  • Nicholas Flamel is going to be in Fantastic Beasts! What’s he up to in this movie?
  • Apparently, you need to play The Sims to get into a J.K. Rowling movie.
  • Harry Potter GO!
  • Nostalgia attack! Remember the old Harry Potter computer games?
  • What would make a perfect Harry Potter game?
  • Michael shares his quick thoughts on John Green’s Turtles All the Way Down.

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