Episode • August 9, 2018

Show Notes

There was a lot crammed into the Crimes of Grindelwald trailer!


There’s a brand new Crimes of Grindelwald trailer out — and we’re diving in to learn everything we can about J.K. Rowling’s upcoming movie!

In this episode…

  • A friendly reminder: Don’t pirate your books!
  • The new trailer brings back all the Harry Potter feels!
  • There are a lot of Harry Potter easter eggs in this trailer.
  • People blew the whole Dumbledore-Defense Against the Dark Arts thing waaaay out of proportion.
  • Why does Dumbledore specifically choose Newt to go after Grindelwald?
  • WHAT IS GRINDELWALD DOING IN THE MIRROR OF ERISED!?! (Okay, we know what he’s doing. We’re just surprised to see him!)
  • We talk a bit about Johnny Depp.
  • We catch our first glimpse of Nicholas Flamel.
  • We talk the Nagini theory that’s been circulating online.
  • The trailer introduced a lot of new fantastic beasts!
  • Veronica Roth is writing a new book!
  • We’re excited for The Darkest Minds movie.

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