Episode • September 23, 2018

Show Notes

In our latest podcast, author Lexa Hillyer shares her insight behind book publishing and the YA market.


The YA book industry has grown and grown over the years — and YA author Lexa Hillyer has been along for the ride since 2003! An editor and book entrepreneur, Lexa’s knowledge of the industry is expansive and insightful. We had the opportunity to pick her brain about the behind-the-scenes happenings of the books we love to read. In this episode, Lexa shares how she got her start in the industry, how she became a YA author herself and the state of YA today.

In this episode…

  • We learn some of the ins and outs of the publishing world from Lexa.
  • Lexa talks about meeting author Lauren Oliver and how they started a business together.
  • We discuss the roles of an editor in the creative process behind book writing and publishing.
  • Lexa shares her experiences writing YA books and we talk about the importance of female relationships.
  • Lexa shares how young adult books have broken barriers.
  • We discuss the current state of YA and where it’s headed.
  • Are YA books shifting from fantasy to contemporary?

Learn more about Lexa Hillyer:

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