Episode • November 10, 2018

Show Notes

In our latest podcast episode, we review ‘The Hate U Give’ movie and talk the book’s significance.


Angie Thomas’s The Hate U Give has been a powerhouse from the moment of its publication and in many ways it’s marked a significant change in the books we see being published today. And the passion behind Hate U Give only seems to keep growing, especially now that it’s movie adaptation has hit theaters. In this episode, we look at the movie and how it stacks up to the book. We also talk about why the book and movie have struck a chord with so many readers.


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In this episode…

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  • It was harder than we thought to find a screening of ‘The Hate U Give’. Were there many showings in your area?
  • There’s something incredibly authentic about Angie Thomas’s characters.
  • Does ‘The Hate U Give’ deserve an Oscar?
  • Let’s all agree that Amandla Stenberg is perfect, ok?
  • There were some ‘Hate U Give’ movie vs book changes.
  • Should they have changed the ending? Why should they have stayed in Garden Heights?
  • Is it just us our have the book-to-movie adaptations been really good this year?
  • We talk about why The Hate U Give has been so significant for the YA book industry and what it’s come to mean for so many people.
  • We love the Harry Potter references in The Hate U Give!

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