Episode 41 • March 19, 2021

Rebellion, romance and dragon riding with Rosaria Munda ('Flamefall')

Show Notes

Dive back into the world of Callipolis as we discuss the sequel to ‘Fireborne.’


In 2019, Fireborne introduced us to Lee and Annie, two young dragon riders struggling to come to terms with their pasts as they competed to see who would lead their newly rebuilt society.

This episode includes minor spoilers for Fireborne and Flamefall!

Now, their story continues in Flamefall, where the political intrigue gets messier, the alliances become murkier and a brand new group of riders flies off the page. This is the book Fireborne fans have been waiting for and it does not disappoint.

Come listen in, as we talk to author Rosaria Munda about expanding her world, building complicated moral dilemmas and plotting the course for her incredible cast of characters.

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