January 19, 2016

Bookmarked 10: Shadowhunters Review

There was so much hype leading up to Freeform’s Shadowhunters, but did it live up to it?


Show Notes


Mortal Instrument fans have been given a second chance! Cassandra Clare’s popular YA book series The Mortal Instruments hit the screen for the second time on ABC Family Freeform. But just how was the pilot episode? Some fans loved the show while others were left feeling disappointed. Our own reactions range from loving it to meh–and that’s exactly what we sat down to discuss in our TENTH episode of Bookmarked!

In this episode:

  • We made it to our tenth episode ever! (It only took a year…)
  • We have a full panel of Bookstacked writers to talk about the show. We all vary in our feelings toward the book series as well as the TV show.
  • We mostly all agree that we loved the casting of the show.
  • Some of us weren’t digging the visual effects too much.
  • Was some of the writing kind of bad?
  • Jace might have been slightly disappointing, but we still like him anyway because Taylor Swift.
  • We say goodbye to Alan Rickman.

We’re also happy to announce our new 2016 release schedule! From now on, we’ll be recording an episode the second Saturday of each month and the episode will be released the following Tuesday. We’ll have more details as they come, but we’re at least going to start being more consistent!


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