Episode 39 • October 29, 2020

'Midnight Sun' — the good and the bad (SPOILERS!)

Show Notes

‘Midnight Sun’ completely changed the way we see Bella Swan.


After so many incredibly long years of waiting (seriously, if you don’t know the history behind this book, you need to read up on it), Twihards have finally consumed Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun — and we’re finally up to talking about it on this podcast.

The new Twilight novel offers new perspectives on many of Meyer’s iconic characters, most of all Edward Cullen. In this episode of the podcast, we share our thoughts on Midnight Sun and talk about the good and the bad that’s come from Twilight since its publication 15 years ago.


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In this episode:

  • We say hi to Chelsea Regan, who joins us for the first time on the show!
  • Michael didn’t finish reading the book … We ask him why.
  • Midnight Sun completely changed the way we see Bella Swan.
  • Is Edward too uppity when it comes to the mortals in this book?
  • Should Stephenie Meyer have tried to rectify some of the mistakes she’s made regarding the Quileute tribe?
  • Let’s not forget: Twilight helped pave the way for today’s YA.

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