New Week, New Mockingjay Promos

Get ready to have your feels attacked, Tributes!


Get ready to have your feels attacked, Tributes!

This morning Lionsgate released two new 30 second clips from the final film in The Hunger Games franchise, Mockingjay Part 2.  And yes, we know  you’re probably thinking “Only 30 seconds?” Trust us, the emotion in each of these short clips is intense.

The first clip titled, Realplays out a conversation Peeta and Katniss have while they and the rest of Squad 451 hide in the underground tunnels of the Capitol. Peeta tells Katniss about the way his memories have been distorted by the Capitol and leads to the famous, “Real or Not Real” question. Take a look for yourself and beware of the feels!


The second clip titled, Old Friends, takes place during Annie and Finnick’s wedding celebration and centers around Johanna and Katniss having  moment. Johanna tells Katniss of how she and Peeta are old friends now, having shared neighboring cells and becoming familiar with the other’s screams while they were held captive in the Capitol. It’s then that Katniss tells Johanna what her intentions are.

Any thoughts? Are these promo clips getting you more hyped up about the film? Let us know by leaving a comment below or on our Twitter and Facebook!


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