10 Bookish Things to Do This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to get in a lot of reading. But, why not try something new? Here are 10 activities that you can put on your book-related summer checklist.


Summer is the perfect time to get in a lot of reading. But, why not try something new? Here are 10 activities that you can put on your book-related summer checklist.

1. Read outside.

Yes, your home is your haven, but the world is your oyster! Find a park bench, a nice field, or just pull up a lawn chair in your backyard. (If you’re headed to the beach, even better.)

2. Explore a bookstore.

The YA section is always a safe bet for finding something you’ll love, but there’s other sections for a reason! Who knows? You might find yourself flipping through an enticing mystery for a change.

3. Read a book with a checklist.

While working through this checklist, read about someone else’s. Most checklist books follow characters who’re stepping out of their boundaries to do things they’d never normally do, which usually ends up being a pretty fun and entertaining read. (Recommendations:  The F- It List and Since You’ve Been Gone.)

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4. Listen to an audiobook.

Listening to a book opens up your hands and eyes for other activities. If you’ve never had a full audiobook experience, you’re missing out. Hearing someone else tell the story for you is a whole other level just waiting to be tried. (A wonderful alternative is listening to Bookstacked’s podcast, Bookmarked.)

5. Buy a book for someone else.

Share your favorite book with someone close by getting them a copy to love for themselves. Or, surprise a new friend by getting them a book you think they’d really enjoy. Everyone can benefit from a little reading.

6. Wear something book-related.

It could be as simple as buying a Throne of Glass shirt or as challenging as trying out Harry Potter nail art. (Wanna take it a level further? Make something book-related.)

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7. Use a quirky bookmark.

Regular rectangular bookmarks can be pretty reliable, but there’s so many other ways to spice up a traditional placeholder. This includes corner page bookmarks, bent paperclips, and so much more. Find a DIY tutorial or buy some off of Amazon.

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8. Participate in a book challenge.

This is a trend that can usually be found on YouTube and Instagram. Fun book challenge games are always floating around BookTube (the book world of YouTube) and for all you bookstagramers, there’s plenty of daily challenges for book-related images to post. Alternatively, there’s also read-a-thons where you can challenge yourself to read a certain number of books under a particular genre in a specified period of time. (That’s usually a good one for faster readers.)

9. Write a fanfic.

Maybe you’re into writing books too, but completely original ideas are hard to come by. Build off of a book you love and delve into creating that ending you always imagined. Some authors’ best works are fanfiction. (And remember, not all fanfics have to be 50 chapters long. Even a short story will work.)

10. Read a series longer than 3 books.

I know, I know. The dedication! But hey, it doesn’t have to be 10 books. A measly 4 book-long series counts too. Just something that steps a little past the typical trilogy.


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